Kelly & Michael: Manti Te’o Joke & Virgin America Flirting Service


Crazy Sisters On WABC-TV News Weather

Kelly loved seeing the “Crazy Sisters” who were on the morning weather. Bill Evans, morning weatherman, interviewed the ladies after they pretended to be blown by the wind during the weather forecast. They said they were going to see Kelly Ripa, Michael Strahan and Michael Buble.

Michael Strahan: ESPN Draft Party 2013

Kelly & Michael: Manti Te'o Joke & Virgin America Flirting Service

Michael Strahan told a hilarious joke about football player Manti Te’o’s virtual girlfriend. Virgin America is starting a flirting service on their planes.


Michael’s friend Gary came in from L.A. and they went out last night. He didn’t bring a coat with him and was freezing all night. They went to Catch and then an ESPN party for the NFL draft. He got to see a lot of the people in the industry.

He said he was very excited to see the players coming up for the draft, but Kelly wanted to know about Manti Te’o.

“No, I didn’t see him, and he didn’t see his girlfriend either,” Michael Strahan joked. The audience turned on Michael’s joke, but it was pretty funny.


Michael Strahan: Top Picks 2013 NFL Draft

Dion Jordan is one of Michael’s top picks for this draft. He said his biggest advice is that after you get drafted know that you haven’t made it yet. It’s 15 years after you’ve been playing that you’ve made it in the NFL.

Save your money is his second biggest advice. Kelly Ripa said that she tells the same to her kids, who burn through their allowance at GameStop. Michael’s mom used to say the same about his buying car magazines.

“If you didn’t buy all those magazines, you might have enough to buy a car!”

Virgin America Flirting Service Sends Drinks To Passengers

Virgin America now has a highflying flirting service. You can get on your keypad and send drinks to other passengers along with text messages. You can send anything that the flight offers.

“Oh, great,” Kelly said. “New and improved ways of harassing people.”

Michael said it’s good to get the seat right or you might end up sending a drink and flirty message to “Big George.” Kelly thought there is a risk for the woman or man to reject you with just a look.

Kelly Ripa Falls Asleep On Virgin America Flight

Kelly said she flew Virgin Airlines last year when they were doing their Oscars show. She was running on very little sleep and drifted off in her seat. Just before take off she sprung awake, knocking over the seat next to her’s “goblet of wine.” She anxiously asked him how long she had been out. He replied, “13 seconds.” She reprimanded him for letting her fall asleep, even though it was out of his control.

Michael Strahan: Thoughts On Gold Diggers

Michael said that his friend was recently shot down by a beautiful woman. He walked over, thinking what do I have to lose, and started having a lovely conversation. She suddenly told him that he didn’t make enough money for her. Michael said she was just “digging for gold.” I’d say that was a bullet dodged, my friend.


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