Kelly & Michael: Lucy Liu Filming in London & Evolution of the Cronut


Kelly & Michael: Lucy Liu in a Beyonce Song

Lucy Liu was filling in for Michael Strahan June 12 2013 and she was excited to be on the show. Kelly Ripa said they had a little warm up dance backstage while listening to a Lucy Liu mix Kelly made. Every song on the mix mentioned Liu’s name in some way.

“Its pretty cool when Beyonce sings your name,” said Kelly Ripa.


Lucy Liu: Elementary Shooting in London

Lucy Liu is heading to London this summer to shoot the first episode of Elementary. She said she is super excited about going and is even planning on going a few weeks early so she can get some shopping done and check out the city without having to worry about filming.

Kelly & Michael: Lucy Liu Filming in London & Evolution of the Cronut

Lucy Liu was co-hosting with Kelly Ripa today. She talked about filming Elementary in London this summer and Kelly looked at the evolution of the cronut.

Liu, who plays the sobriety coach of Sherlock Holmes in the show, was recently referenced in an article about sobriety coaches, which she thought was strange since she isn’t one in real life. Either way she knew a lot about the topic.


Did you know sobriety coaches must go through all the steps of the AA program even though they don’t a drinking problem?

“Gelman is my reverse sobriety coach,” said Kelly.

Kelly Ripa: The Evolution of the Cronut

Kelly Ripa is obsessed with the cronut and her obsession got bigger today when The New York Times published a timeline of the cronut which chronicles the evolution of the croissant donut. The timeline even pointed out that celebrities are braving the ridiculously long lines to get the cronut.

Can you believe the extremely fit Hugh Jackman waited in line?

“Maybe he works out enough that the cronut is his energy bar,” said Lucy Liu.

Kelly Ripa said it doesn’t work that way. Her trainer works out eight hours a day and Kelly was always jealous her trainer could eat whatever she wanted but that isn’t the case. Her trainer, Anna Kaiser, said her body has become accustomed to her diet and lifestyle, meaning she can still gain weight by eating unhealthy foods.

Kelly Ripa’s mind immediately switched when she said the word unhealthy.

“All I talk about is the juicy tender cronut,” said Kelly.


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