Kelly & Michael: Kelly in Shock After Meeting Oprah & Cicadas Take NYC


Kelly and Michael: Kelly Ripa Still In Shock After Meeting Oprah

Kelly Ripa still had a huge smile on her face from the day before when Oprah Winfrey surprised her and Michael Strahan on the show.

Kelly said there was one moment when Oprah walked around the corner and she thought everyone was about to get a new car. It didn’t happen, but Michael did get a special invitation to visit Oprah’s farm on Maui. Kelly is his plus one, of course.


Were Kelly And Michael Really Surprised By Oprah?

Kelly & Michael: Kelly in Shock After Meeting Oprah & Cicadas Take NYC

Kelly Ripa was still in shock from meeting Oprah Winfrey the other day and she also talked with Michael about the cicadas coming to New York City.

Michael Strahan said there have been lots of questions on Twitter about whether or not he and Kelly knew Oprah was there and both said they had no idea. Kelly had even forgotten about calling Oprah the last time Tyler Perry was on the show so when he offered to call her again during yesterday’s show, May 28 2013, she was really surprised.

Apparently the “bad connection” Oprah had was as real as Kelly and Michael were surprised.


“Trying to call from in this room is like calling from Mars,” said Kelly as she urged everyone in the audience not to try until the show was over.

Cicadas Taking Over New York City (Soon)

The cicadas are coming but they haven’t arrived yet, at least in New York City that is. Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan asked their fans to send in photos of the cicadas near their homes and by the end of the show, they had some interesting pictures. One woman from New Jersey sent a picture of her front porch covered in live cicadas.

While most people are dreading the cicadas, Kelly said her son is excited about them coming and Michael was even eager to have them arrive as well.

If you have been through a summer filled with cicadas, you know they are nothing but annoying and overly abundant everywhere you go.


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