Kelly & Michael: Katie Brown Oscar Party Ideas + Champagne Cocktails


Kelly and Michael: Katie Brown Oscar Party

Are you throwing an Oscar party this weekend? Entertainer Katie Brown shared her best tips and tricks for hosting, including how to dress up your food and drinks as Academy Award Snacks.

Katie Brown printed out movie posters of nominees and displayed them in a cone by the door. She also suggested dressing up the TV with inexpensive red curtains on the sides and a Hollywood sign above it.


Kelly & Michael: Katie Brown Champagne Cocktails

Kelly & Michael: Katie Brown Oscar Party Ideas + Champagne Cocktails

Entertaining expert Katie Brown showed Kelly & Michael how to make your at-home viewing party red carpet ready with her homespun Oscar Party ideas.

Get glittery letters and star decorations to make name tags for your champagne glasses. Wrap silver pipe cleaners around the base of a champagne or wine glass to make it shiny. She also make pipe cleaner crowns for the kids.

Stack some glass plates with star photos and decorations between them as star-studded serving platters. Use gold painted Oscar statuettes to hold bouquets of floral foam.


Kelly and Michael: Academy Award Snacks

How can you dress up your Academy Awards snacks? Add red ribbons around your hot dogs served in fancy containers, next to a condiment bar loaded with your favorite pretzels.

Warm soft pretzels in the oven and keep them ready. Spruce up your popcorn or make it golden by serving delicious caramel corn instead.

Kelly & Michael: Oscar Trivia Home Game

Play Oscar trivia during the commercial breaks. Katie came up with lines from Oscar nominated movies to see if Kelly and Michael could name the films. They failed at the first question about American Hustle. Did you get some good party ideas from Katie Brown?

Kelly and Michael: Oscars 2013 Recap

The co-hosts also looked back at their last trip to the Oscars in 2013. Michael had red carpet duties and the weather was perfect. “After the first interview, I was in the zone,” he said.

Meanwhile backstage, Kelly had the chance to greet winners as they came off the stage after accepting their trophies. She said that the quarters were cramped and she felt very close to the camera.

Who knows which stars Kelly and Michael will get to schmooze with this year? The hosts will get to take over the stage once again the morning after the big day, and another audience will be up early for the live show on the West Coast, bright and early.


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