Kelly & Michael: Jimmy Kimmel Doesn’t Own Nude Bea Arthur Portrait


Kelly & Michael: Moms Spend Most Quality Time with Kids at Dinner

Kelly found an article in the paper that polled mothers to find out when they spend the most quality time with their children. The poll found 45 percent of mothers saying they spend the most quality with their children at the dinner table.

Kelly Ripa said she felt the same way but she also felt like it was the one time she was sending her kids away from the table because they are always at each other’s throats.


“We lose one at every dinner,” she said.

Thirty percent of the mothers polled said they spend quality time in the car which Michael couldn’t believe.

“Kids in the car is almost worse than texting and driving,” he said remembering the times when he dad would reach in the back seat and start waving his hand around, trying to grab his brothers and sisters so they would calm down.


Kelly & Michael: Jimmy Kimmel Doesn't Own Nude Bea Arthur Portrait

Kelly and Michael found out Jimmy Kimmel is not the one who owns the nude Bea Arthur portrait and they look at a study saying tattooed women are easy.
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Another 15 percent of the mother polled said they spend the most quality time when it is bedtime.

Michael Strahan: Are Women with Tattoos Easy?

A study out of France found that men believe they have a greater chance of successfully asking a girl on a date if she has a tattoo. They also found the men to believe they have a greater chance of sleeping with the woman as well.

Michael Strahan said it depended on the tattoo. If it said “Open For Business” you might have a chance but if it read “Butch” you might want to find a different girl.

Jimmy Kimmel Did Not Buy Nude Bea Arthur Portrait

Remember the nude Bea Arthur portrait that sold for $1.9 million a few weeks ago? While many sources were claiming Jimmy Kimmel bought the portrait, he tweeted this week that he was not the one who bought it.

The controversy started when Jeff Ross took a picture with the portrait and Jimmy Kimmel tweeted that the portrait was looking after everyone. While this led everyone to believe he owned it, he tweeted later that it was not his.

Kelly Ripa Tries to Call Oprah Winfrey

Tyler Perry is on the show today and Kelly was hoping they would be able to call Oprah Winfrey like they did the last time he stopped by. She said they tried to call her last time but she didn’t answer so Kelly left her a message.


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