Kelly & Michael: Girls Night Out Oscar Edition Contest &


Kelly & Michael After Oscars Show

Kelly and Michael are excited to return to Hollywood in February 2013 for the After Oscars Show. But what fun would it be without friends and viewers in the audience on the Oscar stage the morning after the biggest night in movies? Find out how to enter Live’s Girls Night Out Oscar Edition in 2013.

Kelly Ripa: Girls Night Out Oscar Edition

Kelly & Michael: Girls Night Out Oscar Edition Contest &

Kelly and Michael explained the prize package up for grabs in Live’s Girls Night Out Oscar Edition contest, as well as the age requirements and deadline.


Kelly Ripa has hosted Girls Night Out special events in Las Vegas and New York City. This time, four lucky ladies will be going to Hollywood for the biggest parties of the year. Kelly and Michael are searching for you and up to four friends to get in on this red carpet event.

Listerine Mouthwash is helping to sponsor this big giveaway, and it doesn’t get any more exciting than Oscar gold. The prize package includes:

  • Round Trip Airfare
  • 5-night Hotel Stay
  • $2500 Spending Cash

Plus, the winners will get a special night out with Kelly Ripa herself! Then, you and your friends will have seats right by the red carpet to watch the stars arrive at the Academy Awards.


Live with Kelly and Michael: Girls Night Out Oscar Edition

Finally, the next morning, you will get to attend the Live With Kelly and Michael After Oscar Show. Kelly is looking for “up to five fabulous females to join me in Hollywood.” If you are celebrating something special or just need a girlfriend getaway, this is your big chance!

(If you don’t want to enter the Girls Night Out, but you are in the LA area and want to see the After Oscar Show in person, request free tickets from Live’s website.)

Kelly and Michael:

Entries can be made at, so what are you waiting for? Tell the Live team why you should win; just be sure to get your entry in by January 25. All the girls in your group must be 21 or older.

As for a Guys Night Out, Michael Strahan tweeted that it would not be appropriate for TV.

Kelly and Michael: $100K Giveaway

As if that was not enough, Kelly and Michael also revealed that there is another contest in the works, and a viewer could win $100,000! More details on that are coming soon, so check Recapo to stay informed.

Kelly & Michael’s Inbox: Mark Consuelos Surgery Scooter

A New Jersey viewer wrote in about Mark Consuelos’s toe surgery. She recommended that he try getting around with a one-leg scooter until he recovers. Kelly said he already has one ready to go, but it’s awesome that Live viewers always have such clever ideas.



  1. Pamela Kles says

    Hi I am a cancer survivor and this would make my dreams come true!!! Please pick me!!! No one would appriciate more than I would.
    Thank you,
    Pamela Kles

  2. terri devlin says

    hi Kelly,my husband and i watch your show ever day and i would like to hang out wiyh you,you seem to be a fun person.i also like the way you and Michael ineract with each other. Thanks

  3. Corinne says

    Hello I am trying to enter the contest for the GNO. When I log onto this it just takes me to the Live webpage and dosen’t give me any contest details how to enter. Thank you.

  4. Nancy Pascoe says

    I would love to go to the girls night out in Hollywood with my daughter Tracey because she is the bravest women I know. She had a double masectomy in Dec 2012 and never once complained about it. She is such a brave cancer survivor. Thank you. Nancy Pascoe

  5. Myrtle J Gore says

    I would love to have a girl nite out with my sisters becouse our girls nite out was were we all meet at a sisters house were we play cards,eat,sleep and back home to our spouses.My sisters are the best, all for defferent reasons. If we were chosen I am sure you would agree so please, please make our girls night out something we will never forget. thanks Myrtle

  6. says

    Please go to and click on the blue button that says “Click Here To Enter,” so that your submission is counted for the contest.

    Since Recapo is not affiliated the show or the contest, we don’t have information about technical difficulties or the contest itself, beyond what is listed on this page.

    This is not the official entry method for Live’s contest. Please visit

  7. Lovie Perry says

    I need to go with Kelly on her girls night out with my hard working girl friends, we all work so hard and we are all fun loving woman. We live on different Islands here in Hawaii, we have so much responsibilities, we cant hardly catch up during the year. If you pick us, I promise the diversities will blow your minds. Aloha from the “Big five O” Lovie



  9. cynthia lucia says

    hmmm….I cant find the contest either. /when I put in the it sends me to here. I assume the blue button is labeled?

  10. arlene Tulacro says

    dito to those who can’t get on the site to enter the contest
    NO designated blue button
    Times a wastin!


  11. irma evans says

    i cant find out how to enter ,,i really need a day out im bout to snap ,,i take care of my mom who has alhzheimers and i have to ride everybody to work and school and i just lost my home ,,i work constantly to survive please help me get my break i well deserve thanks irma

  12. says

    i am 60 year old lady and i would like to try to enter in two of your contest. the GNO and the unstoppable mom , because i feel i desire it i have been giving and i feel it my time to rewarded,i sent i rised my nepfew and sent him throught college and got in way over my head in debit and i would have cookouts and feed the hole neighbor and then i got sick and lost my job and now i can pay my bills. andi feel i need a night o with the girl or win that 100 grand to pay off my husband getting ready to retire and i never got a honeymoon and we been together for 35 years ,we about to lost all our benefit. and this is my wish for one of my wish to come true moely win the money to get out of debit. thank you.

  13. Charlene Davies says

    I would love to win the girls night out for two of my very best friends. My girlfriend Patti has rhumatoid arthirtis and has some really bad days and my other friend Karen has terminal brain cancer. I have been friends with Patti for over 35 years and friends with Karen for seventeen years. They both mean the world to me because they were there for me every minute while I was taking care of my Father until his death. I took care of him for two years prior to his passing and then administered his estate for two years after that. I love them both with all my heart and think this be the sweetest opportunity for us to get away and spend some quality time together. Thank you for your consideration. Charlene Davies of Levittown Pa

  14. Cherie Carpenter Kubitz says

    Hi Kelly and Michael….I have looked all over trying to enter this contest…and I am not even sure if I can still enter…but here goes…I am 57 yrs old and the mother of two sons…I am single and would love a nite out with my girlfriends and you…I was injured at work in 2004 and it took till 20011 before I got my SS…I have spent a good share of my life making sure everyone else was okay while letting myself fall apart…I have osteo-arthiritis, and it is now attacking my hands. I am a writer/artist/crafter so I use my hands for everything…and fear that one day I will not be able to do any of my favorite things….But…I meet each day with a smile….and don’t let my pain get me down…I have never been to New York or Hollywood and would love the chance to share the experience with some girlfriends of mine…most of us all have our own health issues…but we keep on going… mother passed away in 2006 and my own mortality is catching up with me…so I want to never look back and enjoy life as much as I can…until I can’t….It would be wonderful to meet you and Michael…and even Gillman……Please pick me…..thank you…for listening…or reading….(smile)…Have a wonderful year….Best Regards…Cherie Carpenter-Kubitz, Caro, MI.

  15. Quimby swindell says

    What a great honor it would be to hang out with Kelly. My girlfriends are the best. The economy has really been a rough go for one of my friends and I know this experience would really lift her spirits. Can’t wait to meet you kelly. Hope you will consider us for this amazing opportunity.

  16. Brandy Wiley says

    Hi Kelly and Michael…I feel so privileged to even be writing to you guys. Folgerz and I watch your show every morning. I don’t have a lot of friends, mostly just mii nieces, so I’m not sure of who I would ask to join me on this vacation. so with that being said I would jus like to enter to win for myself…I live in Fort Worth TX. and would love to engage in the fun and lights of HOLLYWOOD. PIK ME…PIK MEEEEEEE!!!!!!

  17. Donna DeSimone says

    I cant believe I figured out how to do this! I am writing this for my daughter. Since high school she has been hosting oscar parties-red carpet,gowns and myself serving chicken nuggets and fries. As I write this she is on her oscar movie run(making sure she sees all the nominated films(with her dad-still). Back then we had to make our own decorations-red tableclothes for the red carpet cut out our own stars-and put shiney gems all over the room! My daughter Samantha graduated with a musical theater degree-so needless to say she has many friends who can go with her!!From now until Oscar night she is a living breathing statuette. I would love for you to pick her-to make her “award-winning”dream come true!! thank you!!!just her mom!!

  18. says

    I would Love a Nie out with Kelly and my 2 amazing
    Daughters. They are both single Moms with 3 children each. I recently got in touch with them and got to visit them after being unable to talk to them for several Years due to my divorce from their Father. It would be a great time for us to bond as well as GNO with one of our Favorites.

  19. Michelle Mohammed says

    I am the youngest of 4 girls. Our mother passed in 10/09, father 5/10. We all suffered in our way, I would love for us 4 to do somthing fun together that would make an impression in our lives. I, myself love to watch you and Michael each morning, As you. Kelly. I am not a wize at tech. or spelling …LOL P.S I want all of your clothers that you don’t wear anymore.. I do love you for being the proud little mom you are., I am 46 and 95lbs, happy and healthy and loving it. ( 0k how do I send a picture)

  20. Jayne Biglin says

    yself and daughters would be honored to be picked for a Girls’s weekend at the Academy Awards. We have always watched this event each year together. Our lives are of hectic it would be great to get away. We tape your show daily and are faithful viewers.

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