Kelly & Michael: French Kiss Enters Dictionary & Hand Dryers Hygienic?


Live! with Kelly: Michael Strahan Returned from Vacation

Michael Strahan is back from his week long vacation and he was excited to be back on the show. Although he said he really needed the time off, he did want to get back to Kelly Ripa and all his adoring fans.

“It makes me reflect how different my life was before,” said Michael.


Kelly pointed out he was working one day a week for a about five months when he was in NFL and now he is working every single day. Michael joked that messed up when he started working every day at Live!. He should have just stayed in the NFL.

Kelly & Michael: French Kiss Enters Dictionary & Hand Dryers Hygienic?

Kelly Ripa welcomed Michael Strahan back to the show after his vacation by looking at a story about French kiss being added to the French dictionary.

Kelly Ripa: French Kiss Enters the French Dictionary

The French kiss has finally entered the French dictionary this year. Apparently, the phrase has always been an oversight in France, finally being added last week. The French term for French kiss, galocher, was given to the term because it is similar to the word for an ice skating boot. The idea was that French kissing is like sliding around on the ice.


Kelly Ripa also explained that French kissing came to America after soldiers in World War I came home from the war. Europe has always had a reputation for being more advanced in that field and American had European customs forced on them by their soldier husbands.

“Are French fries in the dictionary?” Michael wanted to know.

Michael Strahan: Paper Towels Vs Hand Dryer – Which is More Hygienic?

Do you use paper towels or a hand dryer? According to a new study, paper towels are more hygienic because they actually wipe the bacteria off your hands and the scrubbing motion helps get rid of germs. The hand dryer is less hygienic because it can spread out germs by blowing them around the bathroom.

Lucky for Kelly, she used both. She said she washes her hands and uses a paper towel to turn off the sink. Then she uses the air dryer to dry her hands and another paper towel to open the bathroom door.

Kelly and Michael are super neat freaks. Michael said he also uses the paper towels when he has to open the doors.


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