Kelly & Michael Fitness Challenge: Anna Kaiser Workout & Acroyoga


Kelly & Michael: Anna Kaiser Workout

Kelly and Michael had the chance to hang out yesterday and they said it is a time together they will never forget. They were hanging out because Michael was paying back the Super Bowl bet he lost to Kelly. To pay his debt he went with Kelly to work out with her and Anna Kaiser. All Michael had to say about the workout is that it was “crazy and insane.” Kelly made sure to point out after their hour long workout, she kept on working out for two more hours while Michael had to throw in the towel.

Kelly & Michael Fitness Challenge: Anna Kaiser Workout & Acroyoga

Kelly and Michael started filming for their fitness challenges coming up next week. They spent time doing the Anna Kaiser workout and Michael was beat.


Even though Michael didn’t make it all the way through the workout, Kelly was still impressed how agile and graceful he was for such a big person. But there were points when she thought he might just collapse.

“I was very nervous when she climbed on your back,” Kelly said.

Kelly and Michael’s Fitness Challenge Starts Next Week

Kelly and Michael’s Fitness Challenge is starting next week and I think they both had mixed emotions about the upcoming shows. Kelly seemed a little nervous about throwing up on air since it almost happened to her once before when Gelman stuck her inside this machine that spun her every different direction. Michael on the other hand wasn’t worried about throwing up. He just didn’t want to work out. He said he only took the job so he wouldn’t have to work out anymore.

  • Monday -Animal Flow Workout – This basically looked like a guy running through a forest on all fours.
  • Tuesday – Baby Booty Camp – Yes, actually babies are used in this workout. How? I have no idea but it should be interesting.
  •  Wednesday – Crossfit Challenge
  • Thursday – Anna Kaiser Workout
  • Friday – Acroyoga – Gelman said this is some type of couples workout that combines acrobatics and yoga.

Audra McDonald Spring Gala Performance Review

Kelly said she had a good night the other night when she went to see Audra McDonald perform at the Spring Gala and she said she loved it. Kelly said the performance was remarkable and she loved her voice. She was also very impressed by her very attractive singing face, saying when most people sing they have the ugliest face.


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