Kelly & Michael: Fecal Vigilantes in Madrid & Little League Parents


Kelly & Michael: Fecal Vigilantes in Madrid

Kelly Ripa said the one thing that makes her super mad at other people is when they allow their dog to poop anywhere and then they don’t pick it up. It seemed to make her mad just talking about but she was glad to see  people in Madrid were doing something about terrible dog owners.

If someone allows their dog to poop on the ground without picking it, some citizens of Madrid have started mailing the poop back to the dog owners. They do this by befriending the person just enough to get an address and then they mail the fecal matter right to the person’s doorstep.


Kelly & Michael: Fecal Vigilantes in Madrid & Little League Parents

Kelly Ripa looked at a story about fecal vigilantes in Madrid, people who have been mailing dog poop to lazy dog owners when they don’t clean it up.

“They are calling them fecal vigilantes,” said Kelly Ripa.

Everyone agreed it was the right thing to do. Kelly even speculated that if dogs could pick their own poop, they would do it. Kelly Ripa got a lot of applause. I guess there were a lot of frustrated dog owners in the audience today.


Live!: Communities Want Little League Fights to Stop

A suburb in Chicago is fed up with children, coaches, referees and parents fighting at Little League games so to try and curb the violence they have printed out signs for all their baseball fields and basketball courts. Basically, the signs tells spectators and coaches to remember it is just a game, adding that the games the children play will not affect the rest of their lives.

Of the hundreds and thousands of kids playing sports, not many of them make it to the pros and it is very unlikely there is a scout watching, was one of the facts printed on the sign.

Do you think this will be able to curb the violence? Michael Strahan liked the idea and applauded the Chicago suburb.

Kelly & Michael: Soar into Summer Travel Trivia

Cecilia Hogue was the lucky fan who had a chance to win a vacation to Tanque Verde Ranch in Tucson. All she had to do was answer the questions right and she did.

In what 1989 baseball film did Kevin Costner star? – Field of Dreams.


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