Kelly & Michael: Dolphin Assisted Births & $700 to Cut Virgin Hair


Kelly and Michael: Dolphin Assisted Birth Offered in Hawaii

Pregnant women have reason to rejoice today. Apparently you can travel to Hawaii where you can have a dolphin-assisted birth. Yes, the dolphin will be your doctor.

“Then you spank it and it makes dolphin noises,” questioned Michael.


They didn’t have much more information about how this works so if someone wants to elaborate how a dolphin can assist in a water birth, feel free to let everyone know how that works in the comments below. Better yet, if you have done this, let us hear all about it.

Kraft Zesty Italian Dressing Commercial Steals Live! with Kelly Commercial

Kelly & Michael: Dolphin Assisted Births & $700 to Cut Virgin Hair

Kelly and Michael learned about dolphin assisted births being offered in Hawaii and they are paying a man $700 to cut his virgin hair.

One of the cliches of TV commercials is hunky, shirtless men trying to sell you a product and the trend has continued with Kraft’s new hunk selling their zesty Italian dressing. While that is fine and dandy to watch a shirtless man cook, Kraft stole their commercial from Live!.


“It was very upsetting they ripped us off,” joked Art who played the hunk in Live!’s commercial.

Not to confuse anyone, Kelly said his name of the hunky Dr. Pepper model is Josh Button but she didn’t name the Kraft model.

Gelman Paying $700 to Cut Virgin Hair

A man on Craigslist is selling a haircut and Gelman is paying $700 to be the barber. Apparently, there is a man in his 30s on Craigslist who is allowing someone to cut his virgin hair, stating he has never cut his hair ever. Michael jumped at the offer and Gelman said he would be willing to foot the $700 bill to cut the man’s hair on air.

Soar into Summer Travel Trivia

Crystal Perry was the lucky fan who had a chance to win a vacation to St. James’s Bay Morgan Bay in St. Lucia during Live!’s Soar into Summer Travel Trivia Contest. She won the vacation by answering  the following questions correctly.

When Trisha Yearwood was on the show she mentioned she made what with Kelly the last time she was on the show?Carrot cake.


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