Kelly & Michael: Brotox Trending & Howie Mandel Prancercising Club


Kelly & Michael: Brotox (Botox for Men) Trending

The newest trend in cosmetic surgery is brotox, or Botox for men. Howie said he would never do it because he wouldn’t want to put toxins in his body but also because when men age, they look more rugged.

“It’s important to look rugged when prancing,” said Howie Mandel.


What a good present for Father’s Day.

Kelly Ripa Botox in Armpits for Severe Sweating

Kelly Ripa said she has been getting Botox for some time now. She started with her armpits because she sweats really bad and studies have shown getting Botox injected into your armpits stops the sweating.

New Wedding Trend – Confiscate Cell Phones

Kelly & Michael: Brotox Trending & Howie Mandel Prancercising Club

Howie Mandel and Kelly Ripa looked at the new plastic surgery trend of Brotox, Howie talked about prancercising and cell phones confiscated at weddings.


There is a new wedding trend sweeping the nation and it is all about turning off the electronics. Couples across the country have begun confiscating phones before beginning the wedding because they want people to have more fun instead of taking pictures all the time.

Kelly Ripa liked the idea of no phones at a wedding, but Howie Mandel needs his to tweet. He is a Twitter fiend. He even responds to all the people who tweet at him.

“I have to tweet. There is nothing more in the moment that tweeting,” said Howie Mandel.

Howie Mandel Loves Prancing Exercise

One of Howie’s latest tweets was about the new exercise craze, Prancercising. After seeing the video of the woman prancing around her driveway, he joked with Kelly that he got some guys together so they could prance all around the neighborhood. Basically he started a Prancercise club.

He even got up and gave Kelly a glimpse of his prancing skills.

Faster Walkers Live Longer Than Slower Walkers

A new study by researchers at the University of Pittsburgh found that people who walk faster are more likely to live longer. The study compared the lives of walkers over the age of 75 and found 19 percent of men and 35 percent of women who walked the slowest died within ten years, while 87 percent and 91 percent of the fastest walkers lived for at least 10 more years.

Soar into Summer Travel Trivia

Sue Pinocci was the lucky fan who had a chance to win a vacation to the Fairmont Mayakoba Resort. She won the trip by answering the following questions correctly. Do you know the answer?

Rebecca Romijn told Kelly and Michael she participated in what sport while in college? – Rowing.


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