Kelly & Michael: Biggest Driving Annoyances & Online Dating Booming


Kelly & Michael: Altoids are a Food Group for Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa came out on the show today munching on some Altoids which she said have become a food group for her since she has started hosting the daytime talk show. It makes sense. You don’t want to scare a guest away with your bad breath. It does happen the other way around though. Kelly didn’t want to name any names but she said there are times when you can tell a celebrity has been out on the town drinking.

Michael Strahan: One Third of American Marriages Started Online

USA Today found that one third of all marriages in America were started online. Even one of the producers on the show found love on


“My is one. They just try it all,” joked Michael as he rattled off some of the other niche dating sites, like

The study also found that between 2005 and 2012, the couples who met online were happier and less likely to split than couples who met offline.

Kelly Ripa: Biggest Driving Annoyance – Backseat Drivers

Kelly & Michael: Biggest Driving Annoyances & Online Dating Booming

Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan looked at a poll of the biggest driving annoyances, back seat driver was number one, and Kelly explained why she eats Altoids.


A poll by has found the biggest driving annoyance to be back seat drivers. The study also found spouses are the worst back seat drivers with 34 percent of women saying their husbands are the worst backseat drivers.

Michael Strahan couldn’t believe it wasn’t the wife nagging the driving husband.

“I have to go into Zen place or act like I am sleeping to get through the ride,” said Michael, adding that he can’t stand the way other people drive.

Kelly said she always makes her husband Mark drive but she gets super annoyed by his parallel parking because he always pulls forward into spots he wants to parallel park in.

“He did it right the first time and ever since then he has been pulling in forwards,” said Kelly, when Michael asked how he could even get his license that way.

Live!: Top Driving Annoyances

  • 47 percent comment on speed.
  • 29 percent give driving directions.
  • 19 percent said the spouse talking too much.
  • pushing the imaginary brake.

Michael said it was the worst when someone would push the imaginary brake. It would always scare him so much he would almost get into an accident.

Kelly said she doesn’t drive with her mother to preserve the relationship so she fits into a few of the categories above. When she used to drive with her mother though, Kelly said her mom would always throw the imaginary arm seatbelt across her chest when she was sitting in the front seat, like it would do anything if they crashed.

Kelly Ripa joked that back in the day it was either you splurge on the moonroof or the seatbelts and everyone always went with the moonroof.

“There are no more fun times for kids in the cars. It’s all about safety. Part of the fun was will dad be able to hit up in the backseat,” said Kelly. She did get hit by her dad’s shoe sometimes. That was the only way her dad could reach her in the backseat.

Soar into Summer Travel Trivia

The lucky fan who got a chance to win a vacation to Turtle Bay Resort in Hawaii was Kathy Anne Dunn who said she would be celebrating her 45th wedding anniversary with her husband soon. She said the secrets to a long lasting marriage are listening to each and talking out their problems.

What 2001 film about a mathematician did Russell Crowe co-star in?A Beautiful Mind.


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