Kelly & Michael Baby Booty Camp Workout & American Idol Retooling Show


Kelly & Michael Fitness Challenge: Baby Booty Camp Workout

While doing the Baby Booty Camp Workout for their May 14 2013 episode, Michael threw his “baby” into the air and Kelly nearly had a heart attack. She thought Michael still had the real baby but it turns out he switched it with a fake one Gelman had.

Kelly & Michael Baby Booty Camp Workout & American Idol Retooling Show

Kelly and Michael looked back at the time Michael scared Kelly during the Baby Booty Camp and the looked at how American Idol wants to retool the show. (image credit: s_bukley /


Knicks Need a Sports Psychologist

The Knicks have not been doing too good in the NBA Playoffs but Kelly figured the only thing they needed was a sports psychologist. She said she watched a documentary once about pitchers in baseball who can become psychologically damaged after losing a game or after a bad pitch or something similar. She said these psychologists are there for these men because it has been proven that the game is so stressful it can cause them to mentally collapse.

Whatever is happening to the Knicks, Michael Strahan just wanted it to stop soon.

American Idol Finals May 15 2013

The finals of American Idol premiere tonight and it looks like Candice Glover and Kree Harrison are the finalists.


Kelly wasn’t too interested in the finals though. She was more intrigued by American Idol saying they are going to retool the show by bringing on judges who are not famous. The new judges will replace the ones on the panel this year, most of whom were asked to leave except Randy Jackson who quit to continue pursuing his career in music.

Soar Into Summer Travel Trivia – Brandy Whipkey

Brandy Whipkey was the lucky fan who had the chance to play Soar into Summer Trivia. She was playing for an all expenses paid vacation to Fairmont Mayakoba Resort in Mexico along with a $1,000 gift card to Beyond the Rack. She won the prize by answering the following question correctly. Do you know the answer?

What college did Mark Harmon play football for? – UCLA.


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