Kelly & Michael: Austrian Banker Lose $117,000 & State with Most Bars


Kelly & Michael: Austrian Banker Loses $117,000

An Austrian banker was recently fired after he dropped $117,000 into a river. Apparently  the bank employee was delivering the money to another branch when he got a flat tire. So he pulled over to fix the flat. When he parked the car, he took the money out of the car and placed it on an embankment which it slid all the way down and into the river.

“While you are fixing a flat why did you take the money out of the car,” asked Michael.


A newspaper did a survey of the local’s asking what they would do if they found the money and 75 percent of them said they would give it back.

“If you find the money and don’t turn it back in you will get a boil on your face,” said Kelly.

Kelly Ripa Finds Purse Two Years Later

Kelly & Michael: Austrian Banker Lose $117,000 & State with Most Bars

Kelly and Michael looked at story about an Austrian banker losing $177,000 in a river and they revealed the state with the most bars per capita.


If Kelly Ripa had dropped that money in the river, she had no doubts she would find it although it could take two years, which is how long it took her to find a purse she lost.

She told the audience about the time she took one of her kids to the zoo and while driving there she left her purse on the roof of her car and it flew off while she was driving. So the purse was lost and she had everything replaced and she went on with her life.

Two years later, while driving to New Jersey to shoot scenes for Ed, she spotted her purse on the side of the highway. So she parked her car, jumped out and grabbed the purse only to find that everything she had in the purse two years ago, including her money and credit cards, were still in the purse.

“I’m a money finder,” said Kelly.

North Dakota: Most Bars Per Capita

Which state do you think has the most bars per capita? According to a news report Michael Strahan read, North Dakota is at the top of the list with one bar for every 1,621 citizens.

In case you were wondering, New York is on the list at number 19.

Soar Into Summer Travel Trivia June 3 2013

The lucky fan who had a chance to win a vacation to St. James’s Club Morgan Bay was Cindy Van Alstine from Arizona.

“I like a dry desert heat like no other. I think I am part lizard,” said Kelly.

Anyways, Van Alstine actually got the questions wrong, in a sense. She actually got the questions right but Gelman denied her the prize.

On Friday,  Jesse Eisenberg said he was born in what state? – While he said New Jersey during the show, he was actually born in Queens, New York.


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