Kelly & Michael: Andy Samberg Brooklyn 99 & Cougars Head to Eastern US


Kelly & Michael: Andy Samberg New Sitcom – Brooklyn 99

Andy Samberg has a new sitcom premiering this fall. In the show, Brooklyn 99, Samberg plays a wise cracking detective. He didn’t have much more to say since they haven’t even started shooting yet but he did say it is being made by the same people who made Parks and Recreation.

When Samberg said he got to use a gun, Kelly told him she played a detective once on a soap opera but her gun technique was so bad they took her gun away and gave her a purse.


“Imagine if Clint Eastwood had bad weapon skills and they gave him a purse,” said Samberg.

Kelly Ripa: Cher Performing on The Voice this Season

Kelly & Michael: Andy Samberg Brooklyn 99 & Cougars Head to Eastern US

Kelly Ripa looked at a story about cougars heading to the East Coast and Andy Samberg talked about his upcoming sitcom, Brooklyn 99.

Cher will be performing on The Voice this season and Kelly was ecstatic. She even did her terrible Cher impression and told everyone the last time she did the impression for Cher, Cher asked her if it was a Bill Clinton impression.


Cougars Almost Off Endangered Species List

Kelly Ripa was also excited about the cougars moving east. Apparently, the cougar, which was put on the endangered species list in 1995, has quadrupled in numbers and are now moving east due to habitat destruction.

While Kelly Ripa was really excited about the cougars heading her way, Andy Samberg was a bit more apprehensive since they are dangerous animals.

Andy Samberg: Pennsylvania Woman Drinks Blood

Samberg read a story about a Pennsylvania woman who drinks two liters of blood every month. The mother of two doesn’t think the habit is weird, adding that it makes her feel stronger and healthier. Apparently she gets the blood from willing participants who she cuts and then sucks their blood until she has had her fill.

“Do you think it’s Kristen Stewart?” asked Samberg.

Soar into Summer Travel Trivia

John Hillier was the lucky fan who had a chance to win a vacation to Lido Beach Resort in Florida. All he had to do was answer the following question correctly, which he did. Do you know the answer?

What animal did Howie Mandel bring to his house for his wife’s birthday? – An elephant.


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