Kelly & Michael A.J. Clemente Curses On Air & Making The Perfect Woman


Kelly Ripa goes to the dentist

Kelly took her kids to the dentist yesterday. She said that the prizes you get at the dentist are out of this world. Her son Joaquin got a toothbrush, toothpaste, a model airplane, a spinning top and a super bouncy ball.

What happened to the good ole day of getting a tooth shaped ring, Kelly wondered.


Michael joked that he has been to the dentist, despite what everyone thinks about his mouth. Kelly said her kids love Michael’s smile.

Believe it or not, Michael was once a guest at a dental convention. He said his smile isn’t perfect and he loves it.

Kelly said that she had horse teeth before she grew into them. She caught her mom and dad arguing about her teeth when she was young.


Is there a perfect woman?

Kelly & Michael A.J. Clemente Curses On Air & Making The Perfect Woman

A recent article stated that to make the perfect woman you need to combine Anne Hathaway’s hair, Kim Kardashian’s eyes and Jennifer Lopez’s cheekbones.

A recent article tried to compile the most wanted features for women into the perfect woman. The survey results are a little strange. People prefer Anne Hathaway‘s pixie bob, Megan Fox’s eyebrows, Kim Kardashian‘s eyes, Natalie Portman‘s nose, Julia Robert’s teeth and smile, J.Lo’s cheekbones, and Jennifer Garner‘s jawline.

“We love all of J.Lo’s cheeks,” Kelly said. Michael agreed wholeheartedly.

NYC’s Most Wanted Face Composite

All put together, Kelly called the “Most Wanted Face” a G.I. Joe lookalike. Michael said that it’s too much perfection in one face. Kelly thought they were very off putting all smashed together. I have to agree. All you could see where the real people blended into one creepy face.

Kelly said that Michael has a symmetrical face, which is the ideal. Very few people have a symmetrical face.

A.J. Clemente News Anchor in North Dakota curses on camera

Another story that Michael finds hilarious is about news anchor A.J. Clemente from North Dakota. He was fired after his first day on the job. He got nervous and started cursing when the cameras were rolling. Clemente’s co-anchor tried to introduce him, but he stumbled through the rest of the intro.

Second Chances with Kelly Ripa & Michael Strahan

Kelly loved A.J. Clemente so much that she wants him to be their entertainment correspondent. Michael Gellman said that is why they had such a strenuous search for Michael Strahan. Michael has been watching Twitter and said that Clemente is currently in New York. Kelly wanted to give A.J. a second chance.


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