Kelly & Michael: 84-Year-Old Wins $590 Million Lottery & Mirror Awards


Kelly & Michael Present at Mirror Awards

Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan had the honor of presenting their boss, Anne Sweeney, with an award at the Mirror Awards the other night. The awards signified her excellence in journalism.

Michael was more excited about seeing Jerry Stiller doing a talk at the show than he was about giving out the award though.


King of Queens is my show,” said Michael.

While it sounds like it would have a good time, Kelly and Michael both agreed the room was a bit stuffy. Since everyone there were journalists who wrote about biased journalism in the media, they were a tough crowd.

Kelly & Michael: 84-Year-Old Wins $590 Million Lottery & Mirror Awards

Kelly & Michael talked about presenting at the Mirror Awards, an 84-year-old woman won the $590 million lottery jackpot and Paris Jackson attempted suicide.


“Those events in the middle day where you have to go back to work and you can’t go back drunk,” said Michael. “If they had it at night those people would have been hooting and hollering like they were at a barn.”

Kelly and Michael said they held it down though.

Live!: Paris Jackson Attempted Suicide

Paris Jackson attempted suicide the other day but Kelly didn’t think it was right to air those matter on Live! She said this young 15-year-old woman should be off limits. Kelly said she felt horrible talking about.

Before moving on though, Kelly said she could now see why Michael Jackson had covered his children’s faces when they were younger. He didn’t want people to be able to identify them when they were walking around. He wanted to protect them from the media.

Michael Strahan: 84-Year-Old Claims $590 Million Lottery Jackpot

Gloria McKenzie, an 84-year-old woman, claimed the $590 million lottery prize the other day. After taxes, McKenzie took the lump sum of $260 million, half of which she gave to her son. But there are two strange facts about the story.

One, she has more than one child but only one of her children got half the lump sum. And two, someone actually let the woman cut in front of them when she bought the winning ticket.

That totally sounds like an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Kelly Ripa: People Forget Names, Passwords the Most

What do you forget the most? Michael Strahan said he forgets names all the time but not faces, which would lump him with many of the people in a poll they read. Check out the results of the poll below:

  • 36 percent of people forget names
  • 36 percent of people forget website passwords
  • 32 percent of people forget where they put their keys
  • 29 percent of people say they forget birthdays the most often

Gelman said he used to use to forget his website passwords all the time until he bought a password organizer.

I think I agreed with Michael when he said, “That is one of the corniest things I have ever heard.”


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