Kelly & Michael: 70-Year-Old World War II Love Letter Delivered


Kelly & Michael: No Short Shorts in Kelly Ripa’s House

Michael Strahan hurt his back recently when he was working out. He said he worked out his core so much his backside was too weak to support it so he strained it on accident.

“I’m not what I used to be. I’m better,” said Michael.


Kelly Ripa was surprised to hear he hurt himself because she has been having problems with her neck and it almost affected her motherly vision the other morning. Kelly said she was getting ready for work when she caught her daughter sneaking out the door with short shorts on and Kelly had to stop her before she ran out but her neck has been aching so much she almost didn’t see her sneaking out.

Kelly & Micahel: 70 Yeaar Old World War II Love Letter Delivered

Kelly and Michael looked a story about a 70-year-old World War II love letter that was just delivered to an actress in New York City.

“There was a reflection in the door knob,” said Kelly of how she caught her daughter.


Michael was against the short shorts too. He couldn’t believe her daughter would want to put her bare thighs on a random chair at school.

Michael Strahan at Lucky Guy on Broadway

Michael Strahan has a fun day last night when he went to see the Broadway play by Nora EphronLucky Guy. While praising the play and how wonderfully written and performed it was, Michael showed some photos of him with Tom Hanks, who stars in the play, and another with Phil Donahue who he ran into at the play.

Abbi Jacobson Receives World War II Love Letter

Abbi Jacobson, a 27-year-old actress from New York City, had quite the day last week. She received a letter in the mail. Just getting a handwritten letter would have been cool enough but the letter Jacobson received was a letter written 70 years ago by a soldier in World War II. He had written the World War II love letter to his girlfriend at the time. Jacobson told reporters she is trying to find the woman the letter is addressed too.

“Where has that letter been for 70 years?” asked Michael but he knows how letters got lost all the time. He said his license was suspended once because he didn’t receive a letter in the mail. What had happened was a mailman was taking all the mail from his route and leaving it in a locker instead of delivering it, with one of letters being a letter Michael needed.

Anderson Davis, Zesty Model, Challenges Art to a Shirt Off

Yesterday, May 29 2013, Kelly and Michael watched a Zesty Italian Dressing commercial that was similar to a commercial they shot for merchandise. They compared the two commercials again and watched some bloopers from Art.

“We could make a drinking game out of all the times Art rolled his eyes,” said Kelly.

Before they were done watching the bloopers, the hunk from the Zesty commercial was on the phone. He wanted to challenge Art to a shirt off.

“Well you should come here and rip off your shirt and do something about it,” said Kelly.

Good thing he just so happened to be in the building when he called. Anderson came out on the stage, shirtless of course, to challenge Art but Art didn’t take his shirt off fully. He did have a muscle shirt under his dress shirt though.


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