Kelly & Michael: $100,000 Live Search For Unstoppable Moms Contest


Kelly & Michael: $100,000 Unstoppable Moms

Do you know an unstoppable mom who deserves some recognition? Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan announced an exciting contest this morning to reward deserving moms in the audience. Find out how you can enter someone important in your life to Live’s Search for Unstoppable Moms.

Live’s Search For Unstoppable Moms

Kelly & Michael: $100,000 Live Search For Unstoppable Moms Contest

Kelly and Michael announced their contest search for Unstoppable Moms. Find out how to enter. Four finalists will compete for the chance to win $100,000.


“If you have or know of an incredible mom who you think deserves some special recognition right here on Live, for what she’s done for her children, her family, or her community, now’s your chance to tell us all about her,” Kelly Ripa explained.

Michael Strahan announced that one mom will win a grand prize of $100,000! That is quite a reward. Here are the details that were announced on the show.

Kelly and Michael: Unstoppable Moms Contest

You can enter the contest by submitting a mom online through the show’s official website, You can also send entries by mail to:


Live’s Search For Unstoppable Moms
Ansonia Station
PO Box 234101
New York, NY 10023

To be included in the contest, entries must be received by February 8 2013.

Unstoppable Moms Contest Rules

According to the rules, the nominator and nominee must be 18 or older and a legal resident of the United States, Washington DC, Puerto Rico, or Canada. (But Quebec residents are ineligible.)

Also, if you nominate someone, she must agree to participate in the contest if she is chosen to advance. A complete list of rules is available on Kelly & Michael’s official show website.

Live with Kelly & Michael: Unstoppable Moms Contest

What should you include? The show suggested the following information be part of your submission.

  • What makes the mom magnificent?
  • Her Name
  • Photo/Video
  • Your Name
  • Address & Phone Number

Kelly and Michael: Unstoppable Moms Week

Four finalist moms will be featured on the show during the week of March 11 2013. Then one winner will be awarded the $100,000 grand prize.

Don’t forget to make your submissions through Live’s official website or by mail to the postal address listed above. Please do not leave comments on this blog post, because we are not affiliated with the contest; Recapo is just the messenger, helping to spread the word so you can share your amazing mom with the world.



  1. Deborah Gibson says

    My dayghter, Tera Floyd, is a magnificent mom because she is the mother of 4 children ages 18, 16 an a set of twins that will bw 3 in March. She has raised all 4 of these beautiful children on her own. I have tried to help, but I am only on Social Security, along with her father, we are divorced an have been for 17 years, neither of us make very much. I was doing OK untill my mother passed two years ago, I worked for her for cash, but after that the bottom fell out. I was buying the two older ones school clothes an they were in sports so I helped with those exspenses. The older kids Daddy was paying $180.00 a month child suppor to the state, but Tera wasn’t receiving it, not for about 14 years, after she raised a big stink. The younger two, their Dad comes an goes, he has got fired from several good jobs for lazyness, also for smoking pot. I got into with him hot and heavy and told him he had better never ever bring it around my grandchildren. He use to be pretty good about buying diapers about twice a month, and that was it. It’s a good thing that they are getting potty trained, for he hasn’t bought anything for months. He didn’t even buy them anything for Christmas and then had the nerve to ask my daughter what she got him for Christmas. He has never bought her anything for any occasion in 13 years. Tera filled for cild support from him I think it’s something like $500.00 a month, but he said that he would quit his job if she made his employer inforce it. Tera works in a mental hospital 9 to 16 hours a day, sometimes if she can she will come home an sleep 8 hours and go back and work 9 more hours before her 2 days off. On her days off she makes she that she spends it with her children, she reads to the babies and plays games, when the older ones get home she sets down with them and makes she that their homework is done and they talk, they have a really good realationship. The oldest one is a boy, Matthew Floyd, he is so worried about his mother and their finances tnat he joined the Army Resrves so that they will pay for his college tuition and he goes one week-endmonth, until school is out so that he gets a check to help his mother out.Then he leaves for Georgia for his basic training, he woln’t be back until the end of December. Miranda, the 16 yr. old helps her mother with twins in the evening because day-care only keeps them untill 5. And to beat it all, her car blew up in Oct. She has been using my car, or catching a ride with co-workers, mostly using my car. They live way way out in the country.
    Tera has raised 4 beautiful, polit children, in spite of all that she has had to over-come. She put her-self thru beauty college but were she is so big busted and on the heavy side, it hurt her back too much, so she had to stop working in that field.
    Please consider my Tera for The Unstoppable Mom, She it deserves so much. My spelling is attrowshes.

    Sincerely: Deborah A Gibson

  2. Terrie Wordal says

    I would like to submit my sister Sylvia as the most magnificent mom I have met or come across in my life.
    Her story is fasinating right from the time she was born. He future husband was actually in the house when she was delivered. His g’ma was holding her and bent over to tell the 4 yr old Fred “look honey this is your future wife”. My sister was born in Puerto Rico, so she was delivered by the midwife. As my parents decided to move to the states, she was almost two and fred was 6 and they did not see each other until he was 13 and his parents moved to Bklyn, NY. she was 9. They flirted with each other but didn’t get serious until she was 17 and he was 21. He told her that his g’ma knew she was meant for him. Sylvia was 18 and he was almost 22 wed they went down the Isle. They had three daughters and one son. They became thier lives. You could not see one without the other. They were and still are very bonded. Trajedy struck Fred in 2001 when he was diagnosed with pancreatic and liver disease. It was at this time that her life stopped. She became very devoted to him and making him as comfortable as possible. she researched anything and everything that had to do with his diagnoses and what she could do medically and holistically. During his illness, she never left his side. I teased her at one point because she did not even take time to dye her hair. My sister was an executive secretary for the Navy in Bklyn and she was always “decked out” she was losing alot of weight and was starting to look like his condition was taking a toll on her. The kids also were there for him. like I said they all take care of each other and are bonded by the duplicity of thier parents. When Fred passed away in 2007 we all knew that that love they shared was what most married people wish for and may never have in a lifetime. Needless, to say. she as a caring person, has taken care of many people in the community. She took care of our fathers wife throughout her breast cancer ordeal and recently with a knee replacement that went horrifically wrong. almost losing her left leg. she still makes sure that our 85 year old father is ok and that he is well taken care of. She gets up early in the morning to take her grandchildren to school and picks them up in the afternoons, while their parents work. I know for a fact that she has given up her money for her rent if one of her kids are in a financial bind. Her 401k was distributed to help her children. Never once has she asked for help for herself. sometimes I think to a fault. she would rather suffer in silence than let someone know she is in need. This is only a portion of what my magnificent sister is all about. Believe it or not, she is so busy taking care of people that she didn’t even know who Kelly Ripa was and this is why I feel that she deserves at least a recognition in your show.
    Thank you so very much,
    Terrie Wordal

  3. Jeff Forkner says

    I would like to submit my neice, Angle Schmidt, she and her whole family has endured so much over the last 8 years, she has a special needs child, “Chance” Chance has 3 shunts in his head to keep the fluids off of his brain, he has had over 80 surgeries in his 8 short years. You see he was not suppose to live past 5 years of age, he is 8 now, Chance and his family are out of options as to what they can do for him anymore. He had to be admitted to the hospital again just before Christmas and there was nothing they could do for him, so now Chance is writing his own book so to speak, At the time he was in the hospital this time, she had a newborn to take care of too,he was not doing good either, sick, just the normal baby stuff but with him not sleeping and then they were looking for Chances pickup that got stolen and trashed and finally recovered. You see my neice has had a tough row to hoe for quite some time,she is so strong and has so much Love for her family and she still has time to care for others also. This is a short letter and will not go on forever, but if you ever met her you will know what I mean about this strong young lady dealing with this hand she was dealt with every day and is still so strong. I have never met any body that is so loved and so very strong. I count my blessings every day that she is part of my family. If you would be so kind to just meet her you will see what I mean. Thank you so much. Sincerly Jeff.

  4. Joann Sigl says

    I would like to enter my daughter Lisa Kaminski, she is such a humble person. Lisa has two children Kyle and Courtney and her husband Tim. Lisa’s role as mom starts by getting her kids up and out for school, then, as an officer of the PTO is constantly running around to make sure that all of the activities for the children in the school are complete. She gets dressed for every occasion, Dr. Seuss Day, Halloween, etc. She is also a Daisey Scout leader and a helper at our Church for the children’s CCD. Lisa not only is a mom to Kyle and Courtney but to all the kid’s in school and church.
    Lisa is the “ROCK” in our family, she is always doing for everyone, she is the “GO TOO” person when any of us need help. She is an Angel, at Christmas she collects blankets for the children in Hackensack Medical Center. She just recently donated furniture and clothing to local victim’s who lost everything from Sandy. She is such a GIVER and never ever asks for anything in return. This is why I am nominated LISA KAMINSKI FOR this award. She is a very SPECIAL PERSON and a Very Special Daughter, she is loved by all. Please consider my daughter as she really deserves this recognition. Thank you, Joann

  5. Lillian Miele says

    My daughter laura is the most magnificent person I seen. She has been a single mother for quite a long time, She has two beautiful children and works three jobs not to mention all the traveling that she does going to and coming from work. It takes her one and a half hours to get to work both ways every day and she never complaints.( goes from Newtown to phlly). Then she drives all the way to N.Y. so that she can bring one of the children to meet her Dad, sometimes due to her work she does a turn around the same day. I really think she is a magnificent Mom. Thank you

  6. says

    It is the nature of mothers to take care of the family. She insures that her husband and children are taken care of in a well and stable home. So, I would like to enter my own mother, Lucia Eastes.
    She has always been there for me, my father, and my sister. Because of my mother, I am the young lady that I am today. It is because of my mother that I achieved my desired goals in my high school years.
    When I was younger, she worked hard everyday to provide for me and my sister. When she wasn’t working, she was at home cleaning, helping my father, and spending time with her kids. She has always supported my dad. Even when he surrendered to be a missionary to the Philippines.
    Most importantly, she was strong when my father was diagnosed with lung cancer. They had been married for 15 years when he was diagnosed. My mother did take it hard but it did not break her. She was determined to help my father fight the cancer. She studied and researched on what to do to help my father. She bought herbal medicines, juiced organic fruits and vegetables, and bought medicinal fruit juices that proved to help cancer. Everyday for several years she continued to take care of my father. Everyday she was there to give him his medicine. Every time my father went to the hospital, she was there by his side. She kept track of his progress and his well being. The doctor said that with chemo therapy my father would live for 3-6 months. Without chemo, the doctor said he would not last for one month. My father did not take chemo. It has been 5 years and he is still alive. Since then, he has had two hip replacements. Even then, the doctors said that he would not live through the surgery. Even then my mother prayed hard for her husband to live for many more years. After my fathers first hip surgery my mother took very good care of him. She fed him, she bathed him, and because of the surgery, he had to sleep in the recliner in the living room. On the sofa next to the recliner slept my mother holding my fathers hand through the night. When it was time for my father to get up and exercise, she was right beside him holding him by the arm. My father recovered from both major surgeries and his cancer with the help of my strong willed mother.
    Even today she still works hard. Last year, I had the opportunity to enter into a beauty pageant. I was very nervous since it I had no idea what I was doing. All the other contestants had experience with beauty pageants. But my mother was there to encourage me that I could make it. Every night she had me practice. She was there for rehearsals, make up, and the events. When I would step onto the stage, my eyes went straight for my mom because I knew she would be smiling that smile of encouragement. My first beauty pageant I won first runner up. I knew my mother was proud of me. However, she also knew that I had the potential to win another beauty pageant. So, I entered my second beauty pageant. All along the way my mother was there while I practiced and worked hard for this pageant. Her encouragement and love lead me to win the title of Miss GenSan 2012 on September 2, 2012.
    To this day, my mother is still working hard. I don’t live at home anymore but I do call my mother to check on her. Just recently I was suffering over the loss of my dear teacher who was like a grandfather to me. I knew my mother would be the only person who could help me through that so I called her. I was right. She comforted me even though it was late at night and over the phone.
    My father is thousands of miles away but she still supports him and she waits patiently for the day that he will come home. They talk frequently over the phone and she makes sure that he is well taken care of even though she is far from him.
    She is 52 years old and has been married to her first husband for 21 years. She is currently trying to find a job to help her family even more. She has health issues of her own but that will never stop her from wanting to provide for her family.
    When people tell me that I look like my mother, I proudly agree. I am very proud that I am like my mother in several aspects. I have gotten my strong personality from her as well as my beauty. If there is only one thing I had to say about my mother, I would say that she will never stop to get what she wants. And what she wants, is to be able to provide.
    Lastly, yes, my mother IS an American citizen.

    Thank you.
    Mary E. Eastes

    P.S. I have pictures of my mother on my Facebook page.

  7. Yolanda Currry says

    I would like to enter my sister Monica into the awesome mom contest, she is an outstanding mom of seven kids age 16 to 2 she does it all alone her husband cheated on her several years ago and she has never given up on those kids or herself she is trying to stay in school part time while her kids or at school then rushes home to get her small ones from their daycare then football games wrestling matches basketball games dinner homework reading and bedtime then starts over the next day with full energy and determination to make her family survive and be as happy as possible. My sister while having very low income cooks all the time for anyone that needs her to no one in the family really wants to get together for family things or celebrations for the kids birthdays or holidays but Monica is always up to the challenge and is always the one to come through for us all. she is only 32 years old she loves God never misses church or kids events even though she is mostly all the time without transportation so she gets on the bus calls for rides to do what is needed of her. I support to the fullest and I love her very much she doesn’t ask for much although much help is needed but she is an remarkable person and mom/sister. I’m only two years older than her and I don’t think I could ever do the things she does to make it the nxt day with a great smile. She deserves more then a pat on the shoulder or great job mom, reply, she deserves the world because she would give it her all plus more to take care of her kids and so many others.

  8. Diane Bainter says

    I would like to nominate my daughter, Bonny Southworth, as the most unstoppable Mom. At the age of 28 years old, Bonny was carrying her first child, and was told, after having a routine ultrasound, that her first child had an enlarged kidney. Bonny, & her husband, Harold were also told the child would have to grow and reach at least 36 weeks gestation, and delivered cesarean, in order to survive. (full-term gestation is 42 weeks). This is very frightening to any parent to bear, let alone a new parent. Bonny continued to work as a waitress up until the day before she was scheduled for the cesarean delivery. She needed the added income. (Tips are also very good in the San Diego area, where she was living). Born and raised in Minnesota, Bonny was thousands of miles away from her family of origin. She did keep us posted on the status of the baby, and we intended to fly to California, just before the delivery.
    On November 25th, I flew to San Diego, from Minnesota, to be at the hospital with Bonny and Harold. Aedan Xavier Southworth was born on November 26th 2007. Because he was premature, he was immediately taken to the NICU, to be placed on oxygen, IV fluids, via umbilical area, heart monitor, and other “machines”. When Bonny was able to see him, she started crying. This tiny 6 pound baby on all these machines. I was there to give her support. Fearing he may not survive, the pastor from their church arrived to baptize little Aedan. When Aedan was 3 days old, Bonny was able to hold her child for the first time. How important to develop this “bonding” for Mother & for child. Aedan had many surgeries, hospitalized numerous times the first 6 months of his life. We set up a CaringBridge site (a free, nonprofit web service that connects family & friends to share information) for Aedan, to keep family and friends posted on his progress.
    Between his hospitalizations and surgeries, Aedan nearly died, while Bonny was holding him, while having a seizure. She was also told, between hospitalizations, that he would be facing a lifetime of dialysis. Today, at age 5, Aedan does not have fully functioning kidneys, and has frequent doctor visits to check on the status of his kidneys. Bonny gets very nervous if he develops a fever, has difficuly urinating, or gets sick. Aedan is smaller than other children his age, and one fear Bonny has is he will be teased once he starts school. She works with him on a daily basis, educating him before he starts school in the fall. She is such a fantastic mother! Some of things she does makes learning fun.
    Bonny & Harold have increased their family size. In addition to Aedan, they have Collin, who just turned 3, Thorin who will be 2 on Easter, and Ronan, 9 months old. Bonny is an amazing mother! She continues to work, on the off days of her husband. She works for the Neighborhood House, which is a company, which is geared to help out low-income families. Bonny does grant writing, and helps out low-income families. Bonny, also, has been attending college to get her master’s degree. She does all of this, and raises her 4 boys. I am so very proud of my daughter, Bonny! I tell her all the time how proud I am of her. She is compassionate, hard working, and instills in her 4 boys to be the same. Her boys, as young as they are, will struggle to open a door for a lady, especially an elderly lady. Aedan will say, “this is what a man should do”.
    I could elaborate, on my amazing daughter, Bonny, but this story would have no end.
    Thank you for your time.
    Sincerely, Diane Bainter
    I will be sending some photos, as well.

  9. Pat Riley says

    I would like to nominate my daughter, Julie Scarberry as the most caring and unselfish Mom I have ever known.She has sufferred with migraines all of her life, but they kept getting worse, so after many consults and doctor visits, they found she had fluid on her spine and and in her brain and it was affecting her optic nerves, casuing her to lose some of her sight.
    Last year she underwent surgery in her brain so that she could retain her sight. She had a shunt put in her brain in order to drain the fluid and help her to retain her sight.
    Through all of this, she still kept the family going with the help of her husband.
    She has never missed one the their games or school functions.
    She is the most remarkable lady and mother I have ever known, and I am proud to call her my daughter.

    Thank you for your time and consideration,

    Pat Riley
    and I will be sending photos


  10. Haley Hottenstein says

    Dear Kelley and mike i am writing for the unstoppable mom contest; because my mom and dad are unstopable. they are high school sweethearts and been together for 33yrs i know my dad is 50 mom wont say, but they worked a long time and after 20 yrs finally bought there first house,and before all that my mom worked at a hospital for ten yrs when she was younger,and got sick the dr,s found out she needed openheart surgery ,they already had my sister that is 30 this yr,and has 3 kids and while in the hosp. they found out she was now a dietabetic,and when she heiled up she went back to work.couple of yrs go by,she found out she was preagnet agian,with twins 2 mounths later her apendix berst and she lost the twins,after a while back to work she goes,wanting to have a nother baby she got preg, agian 1 wk before the baby was born she died my mom and dad had to have a funeral the dr,s said she would never have any more kids ,spechaly natual,mom said what and see, back to work again,then her gullbladder was bad and more surgery,thenback to work,then she found a dr his name was dr sammuales he gave my some pill that would have made her have 4 to6 babys,my dad said he prayed really had tha she would have just 1 and she did ME lol,now i,m 14 and my dad says he thanks god every day they didnt have 4or6 of me,but threw all this my mom was denide her disablity and she takes care of me my dad my 2 pair of grandparents and my 30yr old sis and 3 grandkids my dog ca and 3 rabbits and is a really good cook and every one calls her mimi Hotty and also i forgot my dad is disabled after 35 yrs of work had neck surgery, and they lost our house after working all those yrs to get one and they never missed a payment because they said they stopped the forecloser and my dads attoney had a heart attack and did,nt get some papers to the court in time so the judge let the bank take our house,but wounce agian moms trying to keep working and say god has a reason for every thing,I Wish he would let my mom have a break and my da wouldnt worry about my mom so thats why i think my mom IS UNSTOPPABLE thanks guy mom and dad and i when im out of school whatch u all the time hope my mom wins Haley Hottenstein

  11. Regina Denise Greer says

    Hello Kelly and Michael my name Regina Greer our family is from a little town called Marion County Tn, and i would like to enter my mother Cynthia Greer she is the most amazing woman in my life don’t know where i would be without Kelly my mom is wonderful person i have 4 great children that currently live with my mother in her home she has had my children over 8 years my mom has put herself on hold for a very long time sacrificed her on personal life it has knocked her down more than a few times but she stills keeps going she is a Survivor and a great great woman her heart is strong and true she is the most outstanding and always thinking about everyone ahead of herself i just wish there was some way to give it all back to her and i hoping this a good way to start and try she deserves the best things in life and all the love that a daughter and 4 grandchildren could give a great and special woman like my mom i love her and if anyway i could help her happiness and end all the finaces that she has been having i would this day Kelly and Michael thank you for this chance to help my so heart filled and awesome mother she has one of the best things n my life wouldnt be here without her thank you

  12. says

    I sent in a letter nominating my daughter Tiffany Schneidmiller for The Most Unstoppable Mom, and yesterday I missed 3 calls from New York, if it was you PLEASE call me back. 909-631-1065…Thank you so much…Marcy

  13. Hazel Blackwelder says

    When does your unstoppable Mom contest end Iv’e been watching you every day but I seem to miss that,because I want to enter my daughter-in-law because she has been through alot with health problems,and she is a blessing from God and the mother of 3 of the greatest boys I know.

  14. Liz Harden says

    So many mom’s that deserve the $100,000.00. How do you chose. My concern the last mom on Thursdays show said she was a single mom and she didn’t bring up a druggy but a patriot son. Well a a lot of people don’t bring up children that do drugs. If they had the choice they would never want their children get into drugs. She was fortunate he didn’t, but don’t assume you are a great mom because he did not. There are a lot of great mother’s out there but their child got in to drugs it is nothing she did for that to happen. It was his or her choice.

  15. Josette Santos says

    I nominate myself as an unstoppable mom. I do anything for my children. My daughter just graduated college in May and my son started college in July. I raised the both of them while on Social Security. I went without many things so many times so that they could have everything they need to be successful in school and in life. Now that they are on their way I finally took time for myself and has a vertical sleeve gastrectomy surgery (Bariatric Surgery). I did this because I never had the time to take care of me and now I have not stopped moving. I had the surgery four months ago and lost 68 pounds since my surgery date. I currently am off all of my blood pressure medicines and no longer am I borderline diabetic. I am at a healthy weight now and I walk six miles a day and exercise and diet daily. I really just want my children to be proud of me, I am definitely proud of myself. I went from a size 15 in jeans to a size 5 in jeans. I cried in the fitting room, literally cried when i put those size 5 jeans on. I have not been that size since i finished high school. I deserve to win because i have accomplished so much in my life, while battling HIV and other diseases. My health is back on track and I know I will be around for a long time for my children and grandchildren one day. I am so very blessed to have amazing kids and I am so amazed with all the hard work i put into raising them. My daughter is currently working as a teacher in Miami and my son is currently double majoring in Sociology and Criminal Justice to work in the FBI counter terrorism squad. I feel like I am supermom. Thank you for your support and I would do it all again for my children. My family is so very blessed with love.

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