Full Moon Sleep Patterns, Personality Name Change + Tom Brokaw Cancer


Kelly & Michael: Full Moon Sleep Patterns

Current Biology has some new information you might find interesting. Not only is a full moon falling on Valentine’s Day this month, but it can also mess with your sleep, according to a report Michael Strahan shared. It might take you five more minutes longer to fall asleep that night. That means, according to the magazine, that you should have an excuse to sleep in on the 15th.

Kelly and Michael: Personality Name Change

Full Moon Sleep Patterns, Personality Name Change + Tom Brokaw Cancer

Could a full moon be keeping you up later than usual on Valentine’s Day? Kelly and Michael explained that you may have trouble falling asleep this Feb. 14.


Kelly Ripa said that she hated her name when she was growing up, because it rhymed with too many things and she got made fun of. Someone named Sheila legally changed her name to Sexy Crabtree, “a name that spoke to her personality.” Do you have any ideas about what you would want to change your name to, based on your personality?

Kelly suggested “Mrs. Butterworth’s Consuelos” for herself. Michael wondered if there is a banned list of names you cannot use, and Kelly claimed that there is. She was still confused about why Sheila wasn’t a good name to begin with.

Kelly & Michael: Most Attractive Vehicle

What car do you associate attractive men with? The audience suggested a Maserati, Porsche, or Corvette, among others. But in a survey shared by Kelly, 32% of respondents chose pickup trucks. The least attractive vehicle was a mail truck, getting just 1% of the vote. Also at the bottom of the list was a minivan, but Ripa said there are so many dads on the road in minivans that someone must find them attractive.


Kelly and Michael: Tom Brokaw Cancer

At age 72, NBC News veteran Tom Brokaw announced that he has multiple myeloma. He is beloved as a news reporter and anchor, and Kelly said she loves him as an author as well. Brokaw said that he is still the luckiest guy he knows, despite the diagnosis. Everyone is thinking about you, Mr. Brokaw!

Wheely Wild Winter Travel Trivia: Colin Farrell

Belva Gilbert from North Huntington, Pennsylvania, played trivia to win a vacation to the Tradewinds Island Resorts in Florida.

What animal did Colin Farrell say he has a fear of?

Belva knew the answer was spiders, and someone in the studio also won $500 from Bed Bath and Beyond.


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