Connecticut Movie Trailers Too Loud? New York City Jogging Weather


Kelly and Michael: Movie Trailers Too Loud?

Have movie trailers and action sequences been getting louder? Connecticut is proposing legislation to limit the volume of film trailers to 85 decibels. Of course, the Motion Picture Association of America is fighting this proposed change.

Michael Strahan said he almost saw the movie Son of God over the weekend, starring “Hot Jesus” Diogo Morgado, which is the only film out now that he has not seen. It had a late showtime, so instead Strahan took a walk in the park.


Kelly & Michael: New York City Jogging Weather

Connecticut Movie Trailers Too Loud? New York City Jogging Weather

Do you think movie trailers are too loud? Connecticut is considering limiting their volume to 85 decibels, but the MPAA is fighting the proposal.

Due to the 40-degree temperatures, Kelly said she observed scantily clad joggers exercising over the weekend. It is a comparative heat wave after a winter of frigid temperatures. Michael said he ran into Nick Lachey during his time in the park.

“When you see a celebrity jogging and you’re not expecting it, you get very excited,” Kelly said. She started jogging with her son around the reservoir, and now he is much faster than she. Michael saw ducks out there, but Kelly told him to hold out for the beautiful flowers that are coming soon.


She also suggested that Michael take his twin daughters out on a boat ride, and recalled that she has witnessed many things taking place in those boats, such as proposals. But Michael wanted to know what happens if the woman says no.

Kelly and Michael: Unstoppable Mom Trophy

The hosts gazed at their Unstoppable Mom trophy, which Gelman said is made of “real metal.” A grand prize winner will take home $100,000. Four finalists will be unveiled all week long, and the winner will be announced on Friday, March 14.

Spring It On Travel Trivia: Patrick Duffy

The morning’s trivia contestant was Barbie Maybee from Yakima, Washington, playing for a vacation at the Long Bay Beach Club in Tortola.

What did Patrick Duffy say his wife did when they first met?

She was a ballerina, and Barbie also helped someone in the studio audience win Lenox china.


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