Why Do We Buy Bread and Milk? Derek Jeter Retirement + Work Romance


Kelly and Michael: Why Do We Buy Bread and Milk?

Why do we buy bread and milk before severe winter weather? Kelly Ripa wondered what the reason could be, and someone in the audience said that is because it is filling. Michael Strahan said that peanut butter and jelly would be a better way to go.

However, according to a news story, Kelly said this habit has been traced back to 1978, when a monumental storm trapped homes without power for weeks, leading them to begin stocking up on bread and milk for the future.


Why Do We Buy Bread and Milk? Derek Jeter Retirement + Work Romance

Have you ever wondered why we buy bread and milk in advance of an impending winter storm? Kelly Ripa may have uncovered the root of the historical answer.

Kelly recalled a major snowstorm during her childhood. Her father was in the midst of a streak of wins for holiday light decoration, and her mother sent the kids outside to wrap up the baby Jesus, because it looked cold.

Kelly & Michael: Derek Jeter Retirement

Derek Jeter has announced that he will retire from baseball after a long and storied career with the New York Yankees. “There’s been turbulent years in baseball…and he’s been an exemplary person,” Ripa said.


Michael agreed that he has set a standard over the past 19 years in New York City. “He’s a great representative of the game,” Strahan said.

Kelly and Michael: Workplace Romance

Valentine’s Day is February 14. Kelly said that more people seem to be finding romance with co-workers. “There’s no hooking up in this place, but we work short hours,” Michael said.

“We work those morning hours where everybody is at their absolute craziest,” Kelly agreed. This has led to new rules at some companies. Check your handbook, however, because you could be skirting the line between dating and harassment.

Also, for some reason people have to be reminded that you are not supposed to spend company time, money, and resources on your relationship. Have you ever dated someone that you worked with?

Wheely Wild Winter Travel Trivia: Crocodiles

Doreen Ratavicius from Otterville on Canada played trivia to win a vacation at the Verandah Resort & Spa.

What animal did we say scientists have discovered have the ability to climb a tree?

The answer was crocodiles, and an audience member won a $500 Cuisinart appliance package.


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