Buried Treasure in California Backyard + 100th Anniversary of the Bra


Kelly and Michael: Buried Treasure in California Backyard

Kelly and Michael’s staff gets involved in the lottery when the jackpot climbs over $450 million. But the hosts both loved a story from California, where a couple walking their dog in their backyard found cans of old buried gold coins, in mint condition, and worth about $10 million.

Buried Treasure in California Backyard + 100th Anniversary of the Bra

It’s the 100th anniversary of the bra! Can you believe that this popular undergarment has only been around for a century? It’s changed a lot over the years.


This is going to have people checking their backyards with metal detectors. Kelly and Michael argued about whether the couple reburied the treasure. Then they talked about the superstition of burying a St. Joseph statue upside down in your yard so you can have luck selling your house.

Kelly & Michael: 100th Anniversary of the Bra

It is the 100th birthday for the bra. Brassieres came on the scene a century ago. “What were women doing before?” Kelly wondered. Gelman informed the hosts that the corset came before, and Michael said he likes the look of a corset. The design of a bra has changed over the years, and Brandi Chastain was the first female athlete to show off her sports bra.

Kelly and Michael: Matthew Perry Odd Couple

CBS wants to do a remake of The Odd Couple, a classic property, starring Matthew Perry, who you remember as Chandler from Friends. Kelly Ripa wanted to know who will play Felix against Perry’s Oscar. She suggested that Strahan take on the role, along with his countless other jobs.


“I did a sitcom while I worked here. There’s time for everything,” Kelly said. Michael did not think he could find the time, but you never know what might happen.

Wheely Wild Winter Travel Trivia: Chandra Wilson

Scott Kozlowski from Atlanta, Georgia, was the day’s trivia contestant, who was playing for a great prize, a getaway to the Tanque Verde Ranch in Tucson, Arizona.

On what soap opera did Chandra Wilson say she made a brief appearance?

The answer was General Hospital, and someone from the audience also won a prize, a $500 gift certificate from Omaha Steaks.


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