Body Odor Password, iPhone Cost in the ’90s & RIP Shirley Temple


Kelly and Michael: Cross Bronx Expressway Accident

Recently, a couple in their car flew off the Cross Bronx Expressway Bridge. Amazingly, their car landed upright on all four tires, and they were able to walk away from the accident without any serious injuries.

Kelly & Michael: Body Odor Password

Fingerprint passwords are already available for cell phones. But the new technology of the future is a phone that could recognize you by your body odor. That doesn’t sound like a great way to secure anything. “Why would you want to do that?” Michael wondered, which is a great question.


Body Odor Password, iPhone Cost in the '90s & RIP Shirley Temple

Technology is moving beyond fingerprints and facial recognition with phones that unlock by recognizing your personal body odor scent, said Kelly & Michael.

He was also concerned that changing your diet or wearing layers could affect the effectiveness of this technology. On the other hand, Michael said he does like the fingerprint technology to unlock his phone.

Kelly said she takes her phone running, because it is loaded with her favorite playlists. But when she sweats or gets overheated, the phone won’t recognize her fingerprint. How do you like to unlock your phone?


Kelly and Michael: iPhone Cost in the ’90s

What would it have cost to build a modern iPhone in 1991? The cost of the technology and speed in 1991 prices would be $3.5 million. It’s amazing how revolutionary cell phones and mobile communication have been in just 20 years.

Kelly pointed out that you can always just wait six months to get better prices on the latest hot gadget. Michael agreed that he does not have to have things right away and could be patient. Kelly disagreed, calling him an early adopter.

Kelly & Michael: RIP Shirley Temple

St. Jude had its Game Day Give Back fundraiser during the Super Bowl, raising nearly $100 million in the 10th anniversary event. It’s a good cause, for sure.

Child actress Shirley Temple has passed away at age 85, and Ripa was sad to hear the news about a screen legend who was a part of so many childhoods.

Wheely Wild Winter Travel Trivia: Ruben Studdard

Ray Schlesier from Trumbull, Connecticut, played trivia for a visit to the Green Valley Spa in St. George, Utah.

What did we say is Ruben Studdard’s nickname?

Velvet Teddybear was Ray’s correct answer, and an audience member also won $500 from Omaha Steaks.


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