Avocado Shortage, “Let It Go” EGOT Winner + Vegas Blackout Drunk


Kelly and Michael: Avocado Shortage

Are you upset about the reports of an Avocado shortage due to drought? Prices are going up, and Kelly said she thought they were already very expensive. Some restaurants are pulling guacamole from the menu due to low supply and rising costs. Kelly Ripa suggested that she and Michael open up “a guacamole speakeasy,” which is such a terrible idea that I want to check it out.

Kelly & Michael: Vegas Gambler Loses $500,000

Avocado Shortage, “Let It Go” EGOT Winner + Vegas Blackout Drunk

Guacamole fans everywhere are freaking out, because this year’s drought has caused a serious Avocado Shortage that could reduce supply and drive up prices.


A Las Vegas gambler is having some regrets. Kelly said she is bad at Blackjack, because “I don’t understand how people count to 21 that fast.” Michael said no one will help him when he looks around the table for advice.

Free drinks are a perk for big spenders, but this particular player lost $500,000, and he blames the casino, because he said he was blackout drunk while he was playing for 17 hours. Should he have to pay, or does he have a case?

Kelly said that you should have some personal responsibility, and that is a large sum of money to lose. He received two $250,000 credits from the casino during his gambling marathon, which suggested that he must be reasonably well off.


Michael’s suggestion was that he should negotiate and come to an agreement with what he should pay back. Kelly said this is too good an excuse that people may begin to abuse.

Kelly and Michael: “Let It Go” EGOT Winner

Robert Lopez, who wrote the song “Let It Go” from Frozen, is the youngest person in entertainment to EGOT. He has now won an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Tony. Kelly got to speak with him backstage at this year’s Academy Awards.

Many of the red carpet and backstage interviews you did not see on the After Oscars show are available on Kelly and Michael’s official website.

Kelly & Michael: Mary Lou King Unstoppable Mom

Last year’s Unstoppable Mom winner, Mary Lou King, sent in a letter thanking the hosts for her trip to New York City and then the Bahamas. This year’s winner is yet to be named, but the contest is down to the final four deserving women.

Spring It On Travel Trivia: Scott Foley

Terry Simon from Renton, Washington, was up very early to play for a vacation to The Buccaneer in St. Croix.

What nationality did we say Scott Foley’s wife is?

The answer was Polish, so getting up early paid off for Terry. She also helped someone in the audience take home a $500 Cuisinart appliance package.


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