Arthur Chu Jeopardy, NYC Snert & Do Ice Cubes Cause Snow Days?


Kelly and Michael: New York City Snert

The hosts almost missed their entrance because they were distracted by the toys backstage for the Consumer Electronics Show segment. Unfortunately for New York and the middle of the country, the snow is coming back. Kelly admitted that snow is beautiful when it has just fallen, before it becomes Snert, “dirt and snow combined,” or Snit.

Michael Strahan said that 4,300 flights were delayed and 1,900 were canceled. A lot of Michael’s Fox NFL Sunday coworkers were stranded in New York, so he hung out with them last night. Two more storms are in the forecast.


Kelly & Michael: Do Ice Cubes Cause Snow Days?

Arthur Chu Jeopardy, NYC Snert & Do Ice Cubes Cause Snow Days?

Do ice cubes cause snow days? Kelly Ripa told Michael Strahan about this superstition that has her kids putting a lot of ice into the toilets for good luck.

Kelly Ripa said her children throw ice cubes in the toilet to attempt to induce a snow day. Her two oldest kids are more likely to have snow days than her youngest, who is always disappointed. With so many snow days, some Chicago schools are using snow days to have class virtually.

Kelly said that she thinks there have been an unprecedented number of snow days this year, and her kids are getting homework assignments via email. She predicted that kids everywhere will be unhappy if they have to go into the summer.


Kelly and Michael: Arthur Chu Jeopardy

Arthur Chu is the latest champion Jeopardy contestant who is causing controversy among fans. His game theory method of searching for the Daily Doubles has divided fans of the show. He does not play the category clues in order, and he has defended himself on social media.

Kelly and Michael agreed that this was a winning strategy, and they are pulling for him. What do you think about playing the game differently?

Kelly & Michael: George Clooney Vanity Fair

George Clooney, who is visiting Live! later this week, is one of many celebrities on the cover of Vanity Fair. When he visits on the January 6 show, Kelly Ripa will not be wearing makeup, so as to pay up on her Super Bowl bet thanks to the loss of the Denver Broncos.


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