Selena Gomez “Birthday” Performance & Kelly & Michael’s Inbox


Kelly & Michael’s Inbox: Men’s Short Shorts

The season 26 premiere of Live! With Kelly & Michael received an extra boost of star power from special guest Selena Gomez, who performed a song for the audience. But first, Kelly & Michael took a break to open up their Inbox for the first time this season.

Selena Gomez "Birthday" Performance & Kelly & Michael's Inbox

Selena Gomez performed her new single “Birthday” on Live! With Kelly & Michael. (s_bukley /


Michelle on Twitter shared a photo of her husband wearing short shorts just like Michael’s, from a picture that has since become infamous! As Michael pointed out, posing in short shorts was all the rage back in the ’80s. Plus, Kristen from South Carolina shared a picture of her two daughters enjoying a Mattel package that they had received from the show.

Selena Gomez: New Album Stars Dance

Finally, it was time for Selena Gomez to take the stage. As many know, Selena is a young actress and singer, and definitely one of Hollywood’s most popular stars. She began her career as a child actress and Disney Channel star, and has since transitioned into a chart-topping pop star and budding film actress.

It seems like her song “Come and Get It” has been everywhere this summer. That song can be found on her latest album Stars Dance. Selena’s second CD also features a new single, “Birthday,” which she performed for the Live! With Kelly & Michael audience.


Selena Gomez: “Birthday” Performance

Selena’s new song, “Birthday,” feels a bit different than the vibe of “Come and Get It.” Is it just me, or does Selena Gomez sound a bit more rock n’ roll? Regardless, the young pop star has a great voice and definitely aims to get people moving. She performed “Birthday” with a full band and back-up singers. When Selena finished singing, the audience cheers were especially loud. Selena is a giant star, so it must have been a huge treat for the audience to kick off the fall season with her!


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