Live With Kelly: Rita Wilson Performance


Rita Wilson: AM/FM Debut Album

Rita Wilson has been a Hollywood mainstay for many years, thanks to her countless roles in films like Now and Then and Sleepless in Seattle, plus her marriage to fellow actor Tom Hanks. However, did you know that Rita always dreamed of being a singer? She is now making her childhood dream come true with her debut album, AM/FM, which features covers of many classic songs from the 60s and 70s. Rita stopped by “Live With Kelly” to perform a cover of The Supremes’ “Come See About Me.”

Rita Wilson Sang “Come See About Me” on “Live With Kelly”

Live With Kelly: Rita Wilson AM/FM

Rita Wilson performed "Come See About Me" from her debut album, AM/FM. (s_bukley /


Rita took the classic Motown song and put her own spin on it, singing a melodic version that highlighted her voice. Unlike many actors-turned-singers, Rita can definitely sing! When she finished performing, Kelly and Nick ran over to congratulate her and tell her how great she sounded. Kelly reminded Rita, “Nick’s a professional, he knows!”

Kelly asked Rita how she was able to choose all of the songs on the album. Rita explained that the title of the album comes from the two different channels she listened to on the radio when she was young; riding in the back of her parents’ car, she listened to the easy-breezy tunes of the AM stations, but on her own as she grew older, she listened to FM. On the album, she compiled some of her favorite songs from both times of her life.

Live With Kelly: Rita Wilson AM/FM Review

Rita revealed that she had always wanted to be a singer, it just took her a long time to gather up the courage to release an album. When she was a kid, she worked as a ticket taker at Universal Studios and got to hear some amazing artists like Joni Mitchell, Carole King and the Eagles. Kelly asked if Rita’s husband, Tom, is supportive of her new venture.


Rita said that he is very proud. Kelly wanted to know what their favorite song as a couple is, and Rita said at their wedding, they danced to Elvis Costello’s “True Love Ways.” Rita’s favorite eras of music are the 60s and 70s.


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