Live With Kelly: Kris Allen The Vision of Love | Thank You Camellia


Live With Kelly: Kris Allen Performance

Just two years ago, Kris Allen was a struggling musician from Conway, Arkansas. His life completely changed, however, when he became the winner of the eighth season of “American Idol.” Having showed an interest in music from a very young age, Allen plays the guitar and the piano, and has listed his musical influences to include the Beatles, Jason Mraz, Jamie Cullum and Michael Jackson. Before becoming a contestant on “American Idol,” Kris released an album on his own called Brand New Shoes.

After winning “American Idol,” Kris released his self-titled album on November 17, 2009, which featured his song “Live Like We’re Dying.” Now, Kris is releasing his second album, entitled Thank You Camellia. The album is out today.


Live With Kelly: Kris Allen The Vision of Love from Thank You Camellia

Kris Allen Performed "The Vision of Love". (Image Credit: Joe Seer /

Kris Allen Sang “The Vision of Love”

Kris Allen performed a song off of Thank You Camellia called “The Vision of Love.” He played the piano as well and sounded great, singing in a high falsetto voice. Afterwards, he stuck around to chat with Kelly and L.A. about the new album. Kelly asked if Kris and L.A. knew each other, and they said that they had just had dinner together. She also asked about the inspiration for the album’s title, Thank You Camellia. Kris said that the name came from Camellia Avenue in Los Angeles, where he stayed with friends who let him crash while making the album. Kelly showed the album’s cover, which features Kris and his dog, Zorro. She pointed out that Zorro has 3,000 twitter followers, and asked, “how does he tweet without thumbs?” When Kris shockingly revealed that he actually tweets in Zorro’s place, Kelly joked, “the next thing you’re going to tell me is there’s no tooth fairy!”

She encouraged everyone to go out and buy Thank You Camellia, telling Kris that he’s never sounded better.



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