Live With Kelly: Cody Simpson Sang “Got Me Good”


Live With Kelly: Cody Simpson VIP Tickets Game

Before Kelly and Kevin welcomed teen singer Cody Simpson, a few young audience members and Cody “super fans” played an Independence Day game in order to win VIP tickets to his upcoming tour. The girls played a competitive game of ring toss, and two girls ended up going home with the tickets. Needless to say, they were pretty excited!

Cody Simpson: “Got Me Good”

Live With Kelly: Cody Simpson Got Me Good

Teen Singer Cody Simpson performed "Got Me Good" on "Live With Kelly." (Featureflash /


Cody Simpson got his start by releasing his own cover songs on Youtube, which gained him the attention of record labels. Cody was soon signed to Atlantic Records in the United States. In June, Cody released an EP called Preview to Paradise, which is a sneak-peek at his upcoming full-length debut. Paradise, Cody’s upcoming album, will be released this October. On “Live With Kelly’s” Fourth of July celebration show, Cody played the guitar and sang one of his new songs from the album, “Got Me Good.”

When he finished playing, Kelly reminded everyone that Cody is just fifteen years old. He is originally from Queensland, Australia, but now lives in Los Angeles where he is pursuing his music career. Cody will now be going on tour with boy band Big Time Rush. Kevin, a former boy band-er and teen singer himself, congratulated Cody on how he is handling all of his success.

Cody Simpson: Independence Day Game

Next up, Cody got in on the fun and played an Independence Day Game himself. Cody, Kelly, and Kevin all jumped on some teeny tiny tricycles for a relay race with some audience members. As Kelly said, Cody’s long legs put him at a disadvantage! Kevin took an early lead and ended up winning the race by a land slide.



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