Live!: Rod Stewart Beats Writers Block & Can’t Stop Me Now Performance


Kelly & Michael: Rod Stewart On Staying In Shape

Rod Stewart is a living legend. He has sold over 250 million albums (which is what Kelly said although I don’t think he has sold that many), he has written an autobiography about his life that was a bestseller and one woman in the audience actually skipped her own 50th birthday party so she could be at the show to see him.

Live!: Rod Stewart Beats Writers Block & Can't Stop Me Now Performance

Rod Stewart was on Live! to talk about his 20 year writer’s block, how he stays so healthy and he performed his new song, “Can’t Stop Me Now,” off Time.
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While all of that is quite interesting, Kelly and Michael were more intrigued by how he stays in such excellent shape at the age of 68. Apparently the key to a rock star health plan is simply exercising and eating a healthy diet. Stewart said he works out about four times a week with low impact workouts like swimming and cycling. For his diet he said he just tries to eat healthy. For breakfast every morning he said he eats porridge and sardines on toast.

Could he be more English?

Rod Stewart First Album In 20 Years Time

This week Rod Stewart’s newest album, Time, was released and it was the first time in 20 years he has released new material.


For 20 years, Rod said he had writer’s block but when he began writing his autobiography, Rod: An Autobiography, everything began flooding back to him. He would think of lyrics while he was sleeping and get up to write them down, this happening numerous times every night. By the end, he had literally written 11 songs in his sleep.

Rod Stewart “Can’t Stop Me Now” Performance

Rod Stewart performed the song “Can’t Stop Me Now,” from his new album, Time and it was a spectacular performance. If you thought he might tone down his singing with age, you were wrong. This is a classic Rod Stewart song and you can hear influences from his days in Faces as well.

Rod Stewart Looks Up Kelly Ripa’s Skirt

After his performance, as the show was ending, Kelly and Michael joined Rod Stewart on the stage. Well, since the floor of the stage is all glass, Rod Stewart told Kelly he could see up her skirt and she turned red. She was so embarrassed  Michael was kind of embarrassed as well at the fact that he had never noticed before.

If anyone is going to find an ingenious way to look up a skirt, of course it would be Rod Stewart.


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