Live: Michael Buble Naming Son “Spiderman” & “To Love Somebody” Review


Michael Buble: New Album To Be Loved

Michael Buble has sold over 45 million albums worldwide. He’s the crooning voice of your dream man and pretty much a Disney Prince. It’s a wonder why Disney hasn’t tapped his voice for a fairy tale man yet.

Kelly & Michael: Michael Buble’s First Child Due In August

Buble and his wife are expecting their first baby, a boy, on August 21. He said his wife is “super hot” and he hopes his son looks more like her. Kelly Ripa got her hands on a sonogram, which was really an ultrasound with Michael Buble’s head photo edited on a baby’s body.


Live: Michael Buble Naming Son "Spiderman" & "To Love Somebody" Review

Michael Buble joked that he plans to name his son “Spiderman” or “Thor,” but has settled on a name. He performed the Bee Gees’ “To Love Somebody.” (image credit: s_bukley,

Kelly said that babies come out looking like the father so that the father doesn’t try to eat or kill the baby. It’s getting a little too Animal Kingdom in here. Buble said that while he wants a healthy and happy baby, he was secretly hoping for a girl.

Michael Strahan noted that his son may watch this show one day and get upset. Buble came back at that and said that his son could become a girl one day. He said as long as his child is happy, he doesn’t care what gender they choose to be. He will love his child no matter what.


Michael Buble Wants To Name Son “Spiderman”

Michael Buble said he wanted to name his son “Vaughn” but his wife doesn’t like the name. He’s decided to mess with her lately and called the baby “Magnus” and “Thor.”

“This is my son Spiderman,” he said.

She likes “Owen” and some foreign names. His family has told the couple to meet the baby first and then name him. He may look at the child and say, “His name is Hector,” though that’s highly doubtful.

“You know what you should name him? Creme. Creme Buble,” Kelly said.

That’s just asking to get beat up in high shool.

Lola Consuelos Loves Michael Buble

Kelly told Buble that her daughter is “obsessed” with his music. She told Lola Consuelos that Buble was on the show and she threw her head back.

“I’m obsessed with him,” Lola sighed. “We all are.”

It’s unclear who “we” is, but safe to assume that it’s a lot of people.

Michael Buble: “To Love Somebody” Performance

Instead of pulling out his new single, “It’s a Beautiful Day,” Michael Buble performed a Bee Gees cover, “To Love Somebody.” It was a fun love song, but he bounced around with his microphone stand so much that it was a little off putting.


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