Live: Jonas Brothers Pom Poms Tour 2013 & Married To Jonas Season 2


Kelly & Michael: Jonas Brothers

If the ladies went mad for Zefron, they lost themselves when Kevin, Nick and Joe Jonas walked out. No matter how long they stay away, ladies still go wild for them. Guest co-host Carrie Ann Inaba said the brothers are some of her favorite people in the world.

Live: Married To Jonas Season 2 On E!

Live: Jonas Brothers Pom Poms Tour 2013 & Married To Jonas Season 2

The Jonas Brothers performed their new single, “Pom Poms,” off their fifth studio album. The album is expected this year. (DFree /


Married To Jonas is entering it’s second season this Sunday on E! It follows Kevin and his new wife around their newlywed abode and married life. The new season will deal with the touring challenges and upcoming Jonas Brothers album. Kevin said that he and Danielle recently got matching tattoos to commemorate their union.

Kelly & Michael: Jonas Brothers New Album

Nick and Joe said they’ve been writing a lot for their upcoming album. It will be their fifth album. Their younger brother Frankie, also known as Bonus Jonas, just started filming a pilot this week. The Jonas’ are some of the hardest working people in the business.

Joe said he wins the fights between the brothers, but Nick thinks he is just jealous because he hasn’t co-hosted with Kelly. Kevin and Nick have both co-hosted before Michael came along. Live with Kelly & Jonas would not have been a horrible idea.


Kelly & Michael: “Pom Poms” Jonas Brothers

It feels so good that Joe, Nick and Kevin are back to performing together. They sound even better on Live than they do on the recorded track. They are past the days of “Year 3000” and “Mandy,” and going a little more mature with “Pom Poms.”

Kelly and Carrie Ann came out and threw down their pom poms for the boys. Kelly had an email from a mom in Ohio who tried to get tickets for her daughter Nicole to see the brothers when they go on tour this summer. She told her daughter tickets were sold out, but she really got them for her. She just wanted Kelly to give her daughter the good news.

Congratulations, Nicole! See you at the concert.


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