Live!: Burnell Taylor ‘American Idol’ & “This Time” Performance


Burnell Taylor Eliminated From American Idol

Burnell Taylor was recently eliminated from American Idol when the judges declined to use their one “save” to keep him on the show. “I am mad at them!” Kelly Ripa declared, “But that’s neither here nor there.” The day’s real order of business was Burnell’s debut performance on Live! with Kelly & Michael. The talented 19-year-old from New Orleans, Louisiana sang a beautiful cover of “This Time” by John Legend. Recently, Kelly & Michael have also welcomed Burnell’s Idol co-contestants, Devin Velez and Paul Jolley.

Live!: Burnell Taylor 'American Idol' & "This Time" Performance

Recent American Idol cast-off Burnell Taylor performed a cover of John Legend’s “This Time” on Live! with Kelly & Michael. (s_bukley /


Burnell Taylor: “This Time” John Legend Cover

Burnell performed “This Time,” a song by John Legend. The choice was perfectly appropriate for Burnell, because his voice and John Legend’s are extremely similar. Burnell’s sound is far beyond his 19 years! He seems like a seasoned music professional already.

Burnell Taylor: Lost 40 Pounds On American Idol

After his performance, Burnell chatted with Kelly & Michael about his time on Idol. After a long time away, he was extremely excited to be returning home to New Orleans tomorrow.  Burnell said that he’s been missing his hometown a lot. It’s perfect timing, because he will celebrate his 20th birthday next week on April 14th.

Incredibly, Burnell lost a whopping 40 pounds during his time on American Idol. He knew that he wanted to lose the weight, so he used the show as motivation. Kelly joked that Burnell should create a fad diet based on his experience. Looking to lose weight? Just become a contestant on American Idol!


See the remaining contestants duke it out on American Idol, which airs Wednesday and Thursday nights at 8 p.m. on Fox.


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