Kelly & Michael: Ylvis “The Fox” & “What Does The Fox Say?” Book


Kelly & Michael: Ylvis Comedy Duo

Kelly & Michael recently parodied the hit viral video “The Fox,” which has racked up a quarter of a billion views on YouTube. Vegard and Bård Ylvisåker are the Norwegian brothers behind the video, who perform together as the comedy duo Ylvis. Kelly and Michael spoke with the hilarious Vegard and Bård about “The Fox” and their new children’s book.

Kelly & Michael: Ylvis "The Fox" & "What Does The Fox Say?" Book

Kelly & Michael chatted with Ylvis, creators of the hit viral video “The Fox” and authors of a new children’s book.


In Norway, Ylvis host a popular TV show, which means they aren’t the Kelly and Michael, but “the Michael and Michael of Norway.” “The Fox” originally started as a promotional skit for their show, but quickly became an international phenomenon.

While they admitted that this recent success “blew their minds,” the brothers also joked that they’re as famous as President Obama back home in Norway. They also admitted that Kelly and Michael’s version of “The Fox” is pretty impressive.

Ylvis: “What Does The Fox Say?” Children’s Book

Ylvis took the stage to perform their hit song “The Fox,” but first, they shared their brand new children’s book. What Does the Fox Say? is inspired by the song, and would make a great stocking stuffer for your little foxes (or humans).


Kelly and Michael: Ylvis “The Fox” Performance

Dressed as—what else?—foxes, Ylvis gave an elaborate performance of “The Fox” for the audience, complete with back-up dancers and plenty of strange animal noises. When I first saw “The Fox,” I didn’t know whether to laugh or take it seriously; now that I know it’s a joke, the video is a lot more enjoyable. Their live performance was certainly hilarious and over-the-top.

Kelly and Michael performed some of their own “Fox” moves before the commercial break.


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