Kelly & Michael: Richie Sambora “Aftermath of the Lowdown” Performance


Richie Sambora: Bon Jovi

Richie Sambora is a talented guitarist who first rose to fame in the 1980s as a member of the band that’s known as the pride of New Jersey, Bon Jovi. Richie joined the group in 1983, and has been a guitarist and songwriter, alongside frontman Jon Bon Jovi, ever since.

Kelly & Michael: Richie Sambora "Aftermath of the Lowdown" Performance

Rocker Richie Sambora performed two new songs for the audience on Kelly & Michael September 21.


Bon Jovi first released their mega-hit album, Slippery When Wetin 1986. The album spawned several number one hits and has since sold twenty eight million copies worldwide. Overall, Bon Jovi has sold 130 million records and still sells out arena-sized concerts in record time. Bon Jovi is a band that has not waned in popularity over time.

Richie Sambora: “Aftermath of the Lowdown”

In addition to his prolific and successful work with Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora has released three solo albums including his latest, Aftermath of the Lowdown. Richie stopped by Live with Kelly & Michael to play not one, but two songs from Aftermath of the Lowdown.

Richie Sambora: “Every Road Leads Back to You” & “Taking a Chance on the Wind”

Richie performed “Every Road Leads Back to You” and “Taking a Chance on the Wind,” two classic rock ballads. Richie described that the former song was inspired by his daughter, Ava, who is now fifteen. It’s about being out on the road, and wanting to come home to be with family.


Richie revealed that Ava is now an actress, and will appear in the upcoming Leslie Mann/Paul Rudd comedy This is Forty. According to Richie, Ava is “gorgeous” and just maybe, a little too gorgeous! When she comes out of her bedroom ready to go out, Richie tells her to get back in and put something else on!

Maybe Ava Sambora will be a guest on Live! someday soon. Until then, you can enjoy her dad, Richie Sambora’s,  latest music from Aftermath of the Lowdown. 


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