Psy: “Gentleman" YouTube Viral Video

South Korean pop star Psy is the man behind the mega-hit song “Gangnam Style." Now, he’s back with a brand new hit, “Gentleman," that has become another viral video sensation. He even recorded a version with Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan that’s since reached 1.2 million views! That’s why Psy is fittingly referred to as “The King of YouTube.”

Kelly & Michael: Psy "Gentleman" Performance & YouTube Viral Video

South Korean pop star Psy performed his latest hit song, “Gentleman,” and chatted with Kelly & Michael about his viral video sensation. (DFree /

When Psy joined Kelly and Michael on Live! for a performance and interview, Kelly likened Psy to a performance artist. “Watching you is infectious, it’s contagious!" she said. Psy was extremely flattered by this compliment.

Michael wondered if Psy can still walk around unrecognized, or if he’s simply too famous at this point. The superstar singer explained that no one used to recognize without his sunglasses, but now his fans are starting to catch on. Now, he tries to remain undetected by avoiding hair gel. He said that the gel-free style makes him look like “a tiny baby."

Psy: No Professional Dance Training

Despite his famous moves, Psy revealed that he’s had no professional dance training. “Like my body shape, it’s all casual and natural," he explained. Michael thought that was pretty funny. Eventually, Kelly and Psy made plans to hit up some New York nightclubs together. I bet they would have a lot of fun.

Psy: “Gentleman" Performance

A few moments later, Psy took the stage to perform his latest hit, “Gentleman." Joining him on the black-and-white decorated set were a cast of talented dancers, who all performed the now-signature “Gentleman" move in unison. The stage was glowing with purple light and a giant TV in the background. Later, Psy took to the audience, transforming Live! With Kelly & Michael into a full-blown dance party!

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