Kelly & Michael: Neon Trees “Everybody Talks” Performance


Neon Trees: New Album “Picture Show”

Neon Trees is an American pop band comprised of members Chris Allen, Elaine Bradley, Branden Campbell, and Tyler Glenn, who all hail from Provo, Utah. They are all also members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. After the band’s formation in 2005, they started with humble beginnings, playing small clubs all around Utah.

Slowly but surely, Neon Trees started receiving more and more attention. They managed to nab a spot opening for The Killers on tour in 2008. But it wasn’t until the band’s 2010 album, Habitsthat things really began to take off. Habits spawned the number one hit single, “Animal,” which thrust Neon Trees onto the world stage.


Neon Trees Live September 19.

Neon Trees performed their hit single “Everybody Talks” on Live September 19.

Now, after the success of Habits, Neon Trees have released a sophomore effort called Picture ShowThe album was released this past spring, on April 17 2012. “Everybody Talks,” the band’s latest hit single, comes from Picture Show, and Neon Trees have been performing the song all over our television screens! First, the band dropped by Ellen, and now, Kelly & Michael September 19.

Neon Trees: “Everybody Talks” Performance on Live!

Kelly & Michael are big fans of Neon Trees, so they loved the band’s performance of “Everybody Talks,” a modern song that has a vintage vibe (just like the band itself). However, there was one important thing missing; where was frontman Tyler’s mom?


Tyler’s mom, Debbie, is a big fan of Live! and has joined him every time he’s appeared on the show. Tyler reported that unfortunately, his mom had recently broken her hip. She fell by the pool and needed a hip replacement. She’s doing better now, but Tyler said that she would be “so embarrassed” that he revealed what had happened to her on national television!

“See you next time, Debbie!” Michael said.


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