Kelly & Michael Matchbox 20 Performs “Our Song” & “How Far We’ve Come”


Kelly & Michael: Matchbox 20 Career

I always though Matchbox 20 had been around for a long time, but it seems their first album, Yourself or Someone Like You, debuted in 1996. So I guess they have been together for close to 20 years but I always thought they had been together for longer.

There have been some hiatus’ in the bands career which could be the reason I, and probably others, thought they have been around for longer. After only three albums together, the band took a hiatus around 2003 only to get back together in 2007 to record another album, Exile on Mainstream.


Kelly & Michael Matchbox 20 Performs "Our Song" & "How Far We've Come"

Kelly Ripa and Jerry Seinfeld listened as Matchbox 20 performed their hit single “Our Song” and their 2007 hit single, “How Far We’ve Come.”
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After a 2008 tour, the band went on a second hiatus and Rob Thomas went on to a solo career. He has said in previous interviews that he believed the band was going to start recording a new album without him although that never came to fruition.

Finally, in 2011, the band got back together again, this time to record the album North, their newest album to date.


Matchbox 20 Performs “Our Song” and “How Far We’ve Come”

For a band that has sold over 30 million records worldwide, it seems crazy they went on so many hiatuses. Either way, they are back and they were on Live! with Kelly and Michael to perform their single, “Our Song.”

The song was actually pretty catchy. It was a pretty good song with a indie rock sort of feel due to all the instruments layered over the vocals.

Watching them perform was a treat as well. Have you ever seen Rob Thomas sing? He makes the craziest faces while he is on stage.

After they finished, the band performed their 2007 smash hit, “How Far We’ve Come.” There really is no point to describe how the song sounded because it was on the radio for about two years straight after it came out. Everyone has heard that song even if they don’t it.

You can catch more of Matchbox 20 by heading out to see them on their summer tour with the Goo Goo Dolls.


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