Kelly & Michael: Mary Lambert Secrets Review + Debut Album


Kelly & Michael: Mary Lambert

Mary Lambert came by to perform her new hit song “Secrets” on Live! With Kelly & Michael. I haven’t heard too much of her music, but I know that she’s really talented and has a great voice, so I was excited to hear more. She seems like she’s a great performer and that she’s all about the music. She will also be starting her first big tour, the “Heart On My Sleeve” tour, in October, which is very exciting. You can preorder her new solo album, Heart On My Sleeve, now.

Lambert is also the woman that sings in Macklemore’s “Same Love,” which is a really amazing song with a very powerful message. She performed with Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, and Madonna at the Grammy Awards and did an amazing job.


Kelly & Michael: Mary Lambert Secrets Review

Kelly & Michael: Mary Lambert Secrets Review + Debut Album

Mary Lambert, from “Same Love,” performed her song “Secrets” for Kelly & Michael. (Tricia Daniel /

Lambert performed her new song “Secrets” with a band and really held her own singing her song off her solo album. It’s pretty clear that she’s going to make a name for herself outside of “Same Love.”

She sang about how “I don’t care if the world knows what my secrets are. So what?” It was a really fun and upbeat song, but it’s pretty clear that her songs all have messages about being open and being yourself. She stopped in the middle of her song and did some opera kind of singing and then confetti came down. It was a real celebration of being happy and being yourself and was actually a really powerful, but fun song.


Kelly & Michael: Mary Lambert Grammys

Kelly hugged Lambert and called her “my angel,” and Lambert seemed thrilled. She’s had such an incredible year starting with “Same Love” with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, but it’s clear that Lambert’s going to do fabulously now that she’s striking out on her own with her new album. She can obviously really hold her own.

Michael brought up her experience at the Grammys with Madonna, where 30 couples actually got married at the end of the event. It was a really powerful and special moment at the Grammys. Lambert’s debut album, Heart On My Sleeve, will be available on October 14 2014. Michael hugged her and called her “a big barrel of love.”

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