Kelly & Michael: Katherine Jenkins “We Are The Champions”


Kelly & Michael: Katherine Jenkins

Katherine Jenkins came by Live! With Kelly & Michael to perform and talk to Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan. Jenkins is an opera singer who’s a mezzo-soprano. I don’t listen to opera too much, but I was excited to hear what Jenkins was like. She’s obviously really talented, and I was excited to see what she was like and hear something I don’t normally listen to. She just seems to have a good energy and feel to her and I’m always interested in listening to different types of music. Jenkins’ new album Home Sweet Home is available now. I think I might check it out.

Kelly & Michael: Katherine Jenkins "We Are The Champions"

Katherine Jenkins performed “We Are The Champions” for Kelly & Michael. (Featureflash /


Kelly & Michael: Katherine Jenkins “We Are The Champions” Performance

Jenkins performed “We Are The Champions,” which I absolutely love. “We Are The Champions” is such a classic and Queen is amazing, but Jenkins but totally made it her own. She obviously has a really beautiful voice, and she made it sound like a totally different song. I was really impressed.

Her voice is out of this world. Of course, she is an opera singer, so it shouldn’t be all that surprising, but I was really blown away. It’s really risky to sing such an iconic rock song in an opera voice, but she really nailed it. I really like when people cross genres like that, and I think that Jenkins did a really amazing job. It seemed so effortless.

Kelly said it was impossible and gorgeous and asked how she did it. Michael also talked about how since he’s an athlete, he’s heard that song many times, but he loved her version of it. He called her version of the song incredible, and it really was.


Check out the video here:

Kelly & Michael: Katherine Jenkins ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Jenkins was on Dancing With The Stars with Mark Ballas a couple of years ago. It was one of her favorite times. She liked being in America. That’s awesome.

Kelly & Michael: Katherine Jenkins Honored By The Queen

Jenkins was honored by the Queen of England in March 2014. She got to bring her mom to Buckingham Palace. It was amazing. The award was giving to her by Prince Charles. She talked to him about running marathons and about her new CD. That’s awesome. She totally deserved it.



  1. Helen Metcalfe says

    Katherine Jenkins is not an opera singer. Whoever told you that. Am sure she herself would say that she is classical crossover, mezzo soprano.

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