Kelly & Michael: Johnnyswim “Christmas Waltz” Performance Review


Kelly & Michael: Johnnyswim Holiday Hits

Live! With Kelly & Michael continued with its Holiday Hits Week, where different artists come by to perform a holiday song with a visit from folk duo Johnnyswim. I don’t know Johnnyswim too well, but I’ve heard some pretty good things about them, and I really like folk music, so I was excited to hear more of what they were like. Plus, I just really like holiday music. Live! With Kelly & Michael has been doing a really good job of getting everybody in the holiday spirit. Their Holiday Hits Week has been really fun and festive, and I was sure that Johnnyswim would continue with that. Johnnyswim is a husband and wife team that’s a mix of pop, folk and soul. Their holiday CD, Johnnyswim Christmas, is available now.

Kelly & Michael: “Christmas Waltz” Performance Review

Kelly & Michael: Johnnyswim "Christmas Waltz" Performance Review

Johnnyswim performed “Christmas Waltz” for Kelly & Michael’s Holiday Hits Week. (igor kisselev /


Johnnyswim performed “Christmas Waltz.” They are insanely talented. It was a beautiful song. And I love that they’re a husband-and-wife team. I think that’s absolutely adorable. And I loved that they kept looking at each other. They, of course, performed on the Live! With Kelly & Michael stage that was decked out with Christmas trees, fake snow, and festive background as usual. I really liked this performance. It was really simple and toned down, and just really beautiful. I thought that they did a really great job.

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Kelly & Michael: Johnnyswim Relationship

Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan loved the performance. Kelly loved how he was looking at her with love and hunger in his eyes. They didn’t always like each other. She saw him with the popular girls and thought he wouldn’t like her. She thought he was a jerk and player, so she avoided him for four years. But despite the drama, he always liked her and he knew that he wanted to marry him.

It took them a few years, but now they’re married and happy. Michael loved that he said, “You better sing, woman.” She’s pregnant now, which is absolutely adorable. I think they’re so cute together. I really liked them and I’m definitely going to check out more of them. They just seem so natural and they seem like they really love what they do, which is so important.


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