Kelly & Michael: Emeli Sande Hates X Factor & “Heaven” Single Review


Kelly & Michael: Emeli Sande Breaking The Beatles’ Record

Emeli Sande is about to break The Beatles’ record for number of consecutive weeks on top of the UK pop charts. She performed her song “Heaven” for Live with Kelly & Michael. 

Kelly & Michael: Emeli Sande Hates X Factor & "Heaven" Single Review

Emeli Sande performed her new single “Heaven.” She recently spoke out against reality talent competitions, like American Idol and X Factor. (image credit: Featureflash,


Emeli Sande’s “Heaven” is a song full of belts. She has an amazing voice that is powerful and full of energy.

Emeli Sande Hates The Voice & The X Factor

Sande may be the girl on the scene, she is not one to hold back her opinions. She’s been speaking out about popular talent competitions, like The X Factor and The Voice. She told The Daily Star that she finds it “quite depressing” that there are four people telling a young artist that they are not good. It’s a huge blow to their confidence. Emeli Sande believes that young artists should focus on their instrument and take some time to get to the top.

A product of UK X Factor, One Direction was shocked at Sande’s comments. They said that the show has made many dreams come true. They said that it’s nearly impossible to listen to the radio and not hear an artist from The X Factor or American Idol.


Kelly & Michael: Top Teacher Week

Every day next week, Kelly and Michael will be showing us a new teacher that is outstanding in their field. Rick Zano, Kathy Green, Ann Marie Rooney, Suzette Stewart and Erin Palonen will all get their moment to fight for Live’s Top Teacher Award.

The Top Teacher will receive a 2014 Ford Escape, valued at $40,000, and the winning teacher’s school will get $25,000 from Hillshire and Kelly and Michael.


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