Kelly & Michael: Ella Henderson “Ghost” Performance


Kelly & Michael: Ella Henderson

Kelly & Michael: Ella Henderson "Ghost" Performance

Ella Henderson performed her song “Ghost” on ‘Live! with Kelly & Michael.’ (DFree /

Ella Henderson came by Live! With Kelly & Michael to talk to Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan and perform a song. I don’t know too much about Henderson, but I have heard her on the radio a few times and she seems like she’s a really fun performer. She just seems like she has music that you can get into really easily. She was apparently on The X Factor, so you know that she’s actually really talented. I was pretty excited to hear more from her and see what she’s really like because I haven’t heard much more than that occasional song on the radio. Her debut album is titled Chapter One and is available now. Henderson has catapulted to fame by going on The X Factor, but now she’s blowing up in the US too.


Kelly & Michael: “Ghost” Performance

Henderson performed her song “Ghost.” I’ve actually heard this song and I really like it. It has a really good pace to it and is really easy to get into. I think Henderson has a unique voice. It’s low and has a really interesting sound. She even got people to clap along with her while she was singing.

“Ghost” was all about how someone’s ghost was following her. Even though she was keeping all of these demons away, his ghost was keeping her away. She also showed her range while she was singing “Ghost.” She really does have an amazing voice. I can understand why she made such a great impression on The X Factor. She definitely has her own sound and style.

Kelly & Michael: Ella Henderson ‘The X Factor’

She didn’t win The X Factor. She came in sixth place, but that’s what’s really interesting. Those people are the ones who tend to make it. She had more time to focus on her music. Sometimes it really does work out better that way. You can tell that she’s really going places even though she didn’t win.


Kelly & Michael: Ella Henderson Birthday

Henderson turned 19 on January 12, 2015. She had to work, but she had a big dinner with her band, which is really nice. I can’t believe that she’s 19. She’s really talented for someone so young.


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