Kelly & Michael: Ed Sheeran “Lego House” & Meeting Peter Jackson


Ed Sheeran: Debut Album +

Michael Strahan and guest co-host Erin Andrews welcomed Ed Sheeran, one of music’s biggest breakout stars of 2013. Ed’s debut album, +, has made the young English singer-songwriter an international sensation. The last time he appeared on Live! with Kelly & Michael, Ed performed his mega-hit song “The A Team.” Now, he took the stage and sang “Lego House,” his latest single.

Since the release of “The A Team” in the United States, Ed Sheeran has toured with Taylor Swift, been nominated for a Grammy Award and even performed at the Grammy’s ceremony with Elton John – not too shabby!


Kelly & Michael: Ed Sheeran "Lego House" & Meeting Peter Jackson

Ed Sheeran performed his hit songs “Lego House” and “The A Team” on Live! with Kelly & Michael. (Featureflash /

Ed Sheeran: “Lego House” Performance On Live!

After the incredible success of “The A Team” vaulted him to the highest heights of super stardom, Ed is now releasing a follow-up single, “Lego House.” The slow, acoustic song is similar in style to “The A Team,” and the lyrics speak of a broken relationship. Ed later explained that the name of the song comes from building legos, which if you think about it, works as the perfect metaphor for relationships. It’s easy enough to build when the pieces fit together, but when they fall apart, you have to start all over.

Ed Sheeran: Meeting Peter Jackson

Ed revealed to Erin and Michael that he recently had the chance to meet with Peter Jackson. While on tour in Australia and New Zealand, Ed and Peter had dinner together. Peter gave Ed a prop sword from The Hobbitwhile Ed gifted Peter’s daughter with a guitar. Ed, who was admittedly very starstruck, called it “the coolest day of my career.”


At the end of the show, Ed performed “The A Team” for the audience.


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