Kelly & Michael: Demi Lovato “Heart Attack” Performance Off Demi Album


Kelly & Michael Inbox

Kelly and Michael turned to their inbox near the end of the show to read some fan mail.

The first bit of mail came from Tatia who tweeted at Michael that he looks like Denzel Washington in his pilot hat. She is referring to the graphic of Michael during the Soar into Summer Travel Trivia segment. I don’t know if I see it and neither could Kelly nor Michael.


Kelly & Michael: Demi Lovato "Heart Attack" Performance Off Demi Album

Demi Lovato stopped by Live! to perform her hit single “Heart Attack” off her newest album Demi. Kelly and Michael also checked their inbox.
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They did remind people to continue entering into the Soar into Summer Travel Trivia contest. You might win an awesome vacation.

Sharon, from Chicago, tweeted a picture of cupcake shoes to Kelly which Kelly absolutely loved. The shoes had cupcakes for the toe area and a pretzel stick/bread stick for the heel. Now you can eat your cake and wear it too.


Trisha sent a picture of her 14-year-old so to Michael so he could show off his off gap tooth. The similarities between Trisha’s son and Michael were so similar that Michael jokingly said he was not the father.

Demi Lovato Performs “Heart Attack”

Demi Lovato closed out the show by performing her hit single “Heart Attack,” off her newest album Demi. The 20-year-old Demi said sang her heart out on stage but I couldn’t help but notice she looks so much different than she did on X-Factor.

I can’t decide if I like her with black hair or not. What do you think?

The performance wasn’t too solid either. Something with the sound made it sound like she was cutting in and out, like she was far away from the mic at times and then closer at others. At least it was clear she was not lip synching.


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