Kelly & Michael: Chris Wallace Sang “Remember When (Push Rewind)”


Kelly & Michael: Chris Wallace At Walt Disney World

Rising pop star Chris Wallace has toured with Lady Gaga, as well as his own band, The White Tie Affair. Now, he’s making his very first appearance on Live! With Kelly & Michael. Chris joined the hosts in sunny Orlando, Florida for a lively performance at Walt Disney World.

Kelly & Michael: Chris Wallace Sang "Remember When (Push Rewind)"

Rising pop singer Chris Wallace, who has previously toured with Lady Gaga, performed on Live! at Walt Disney World. (Helga Esteb /


Chris Wallace: Debut Album Push Rewind

Chris Wallace was previously the lead singer for Chicago, Illinois-based pop band The White Tie Affair. After a hit album and five years of making music together, the band’s members decided to part ways. Now, front man Chris Wallace has embarked on his own solo career.

In September 2012, Chris released his debut album, Push Rewind. The album’s lead single is “Remember When (Push Rewind),” Chris’s first big hit as a solo artist.

Chris Wallace: “Remember When (Push Rewind)” Performance

Chris took to the Magic Kingdom stage to perform “Remember When (Push Rewind)” for the crowd. When he finished performing, Kelly and Michael came over to introduce themselves to this new star of the music world. Kelly said that Chris has been called “the male Katy Perry,” a description which really fits him. “Wow!” was Chris’ big response to that statement. He said he’s a very big fan of Katy’s music.


Since Chris has toured with mega-star Lady Gaga, Kelly wondered if she had given him any advice. Chris said that Lady Gaga wisely said to him, “Chris, you have to be bigger than your songs.” Of course, she already is, “meat dress and all!” As a newcomer, Chris is doing a great job of catching up.


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