Kelly & Michael: Cher Lloyd “Oath” Performance & “Sticks & Stones”


Kelly & Michael Welcomed British Pop Star Cher Lloyd

Cher Lloyd is a nineteen-year-old British pop star who began her career when she appeared on the The X Factor. It was on the X Factor that Cher was mentored by fellow British singer Cheryl Cole, and first caught the eye of Simon Cowell. She is now one of the UK’s most popular acts, with her songs “Want U Back” and “With Ur Love” both reaching the top of the charts.

Cher Lloyd: Debut Album Sticks & Stones

Kelly & Michael: Cher Lloyd "Oath" Performance & "Sticks & Stones"

Cher Lloyd performed “Oath” for the Live With Kelly & Michael audience. (Joe Seer /


Cher’s debut album, Sticks & Stones, was released in November 2011 in her native U.K. The album was a huge hit and turned Cher into a mega pop star. Now, after all of her success at home, Cher has her sights set on making her mark abroad. The U.S. version of Sticks & Stones is available now, and it features some brand new tracks not on the original version.

Cher Lloyd Performed “Oath” on Live With Kelly & Michael

Cher recently made her U.S. talk show debut when she performed her hit single “Want U Back” on Ellen. Now, it’s Kelly & Michael’s turn! For her first appearance on Live, Cher chose to perform a brand new song, “Oath.” The song is similar in style to her other songs, and sounds like it could reach the top of the charts, too! Take a look at Cher’s full performance below.


Kelly & Michael: Cher Lloyd Engaged

When Cher finished singing, Kelly & Michael joined her on stage and got to know a bit more about the young British pop star. Cher promised that she really is 19, even though she looks like she’s 12! She is also engaged to her hairstylist (although he didn’t do her hair for Live–he was too nervous!).

Cher has fans that call themselves “brats,” but could the brats be seeing Cher on the big screen any time soon? When Kelly sees Cher’s face, she sees a movie star! Cher said that she’d like to act, but she probably shouldn’t talk about it! I’m sure Cher has plenty of new brats in the U.S. now!


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