Kelly & Michael: Brandy ‘Put It Down’ Performance & Two Eleven Review


Live With Kelly & Michael: Brandy New Album

Brandy Norwood, known professionally as Brandy, is an R&B singer who began performing as a small child. Born in Mississippi, Brandy first sang as a part of her local church choir, and then moved to Hollywood to start her career as a singer and actress.

For six seasons, Brandy portrayed teenager Moesha Mitchell on the popular UPN sitcom Moesha. Her debut album, Brandy, was released in 1994 and sold six million records.


Brandy went on to release five more successful albums and act in both film and on television. One of her most notable roles was as Cinderella in the 1997 ABC special, which found Brandy starring alongside her childhood idol, Whitney Houston.

Brandy New Album Two Eleven Review

Kelly & Michael: Brandy 'Put It Down' Performance & Two Eleven Review

Brandy performed her new song “Put It Down” for the Kelly & Michael audience. (s_bukley /

After a long hiatus, Brandy is back with a brand new album, Two Eleven. Brandy’s sixth album was released on October 12 2012. Two Eleven features collaborations with some of the biggest and best names in the music business, including Drake, Frank Ocean, and Chris Brown. The title of the album comes from Brandy’s birthday, February 11, 1979. February 11 is also the day that Brandy’s friend and idol Whitney Houston passed away, an entertainment icon with whom Brandy was very close.


Brandy “Put It Down” Performance on Live With Kelly & Michael

Brandy took the stage at Live with Kelly & Michael to perform the first single from Two Eleven, “Put It Down.” The song was written by Chris Brown and features the fellow best-selling single on the recorded track. This time, it was just Brandy and her back-up dancers, who gave a stylish performance to the hip-hop and R&B song.

When Brandy was finished performing, Kelly told her that “on a spectrum of cool, that was a two hundred!” Kelly & Michael expressed that they are both big fans of Brandy’s music, and love the new album.


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