Kelly & Michael: Anthony Hamilton “Spend Christmas With You” Review


Kelly & Michael: Anthony Hamilton

Live! With Kelly & Michael continued with its Holiday Hits Week with a performance from Anthony Hamilton, which was very exciting. I’ve really been enjoying their Holiday Hits Week. Everyone has been super talented so far, and I was sure that Hamilton would be amazing.

Kelly & Michael: Anthony Hamilton "Spend Christmas With You" Review

Anthony Hamilton performed “Spend Christmas With You” for Kelly & Michael’s Holiday Hits Week. (s_bukley /


It really is just a fun and festive way to kick off the holidays, and I think they’ve been doing a good job and have been getting some really great guests to come by and perform. I honestly didn’t know too much about Hamilton before his performance, but I knew he was an R&B singer and the seemed really talented, so I was excited to see what he was like. His first ever holiday CD, Home for the Holidays, is available now. I think I’m going to check it out.

Kelly & Michael: “Spend Christmas With You” Performance Review

Hamilton perfumed the song “Spend Christmas with You” for Live! With Kelly & Michael’s Holiday Hits Week. And it was so much fun. It was so easy to get into. It was fast paced and energetic and he had some great harmonies with his backup singers. The band was also amazing. I think this might be my favorite performance from Holiday Hits Week so far.

The song was just so much fun, and the performance was amazing. I loved when the backup singers started high fiving each other. They all looked like they were having fun. The stage had the Christmas trees again, but the background was different. It had snowflakes. I really liked it. Overall, it was an amazing performance. It was so much fun. They even got people clapping along. It was a great way to end the show.


Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan didn’t talk to Hamilton after his performance like they usually do, though. I guess there wasn’t enough time. However, it was an incredible way to close out the show. I think he did an amazing job. I’m definitely going to check out more of him and listen to some more of his music. I just thought he had a great energy.


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